La Petite Mort: A Sex Magic Ritual for Scorpio Season

November 1, 2017

La Petite Mort

Sex and Death.

These traditionally taboo subjects are often kept hidden from the light. They are seen as dirty, shady, and dangerous – rather than beautiful and sacred. 

But, yesterday, the sun moved from Libra into Scorpio, where it will remain until November 21. This provides us a potent opportunity to embrace a deeper understanding of those ultimate Scorpionic themes. 

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The word “occult” also means hidden, or secret – so it should come as no surprise that Scorpio rules over occult teachings, as well as all forms of death ritual and sex magic.

There is much wisdom and magic available for those who are willing to dive into the deep end and plumb the more obscure corners of the human psyche – particularly when we delve into the shadowy depths of our own subconscious minds and discover the origins of our most secret desires.

The French phrase la petite mort, or “little death,” is a euphemism for the transcendent moment of orgasm where we lose ourselves completely, forget who we are, our names, our lover’s name, and everything else beyond that one sublime moment of incomparable perfection. There is ecstasy in that experience of ego death, and an entry point for the liminal world, a space where we are truly betwixt and between one form and another. 

By focusing our energy onto an intention or desire within the container of sacred ritual, we can channel that erotic charge into a tangible manifestation in the here and now. 

Want to utilize this strong, sexy Scorpio energy to connect with singles near you?

Sex magic is heady territory, and all explorations into this work must be undertaken with great respect and reverence – for ourselves, and for all the power we dance with in that liminality.

This work is most effective when done at night and performed from a place of calm, centered groundedness. Let your intentions be aligned with your integrity, and a true desire to serve the greater good for all beings. 

You may choose to do this work alone, or with a partner (or partners). The most important aspect of this work is that it feel authentic and right for you. Rituals are completely organic experiences that work best when tailored specifically to what is most important to you at this time. 

La petite mort: A  6-step SEX MAGIC RITUAL 


As a mental – and metaphysical – aid to help focus the sex magic energy you are about to create, choose a crystal from your collection to accompany you on this journey. 

Some suggestions:
Rose Quartz


Prepare yourself to take a step away from your everyday or mundane reality. 

This can be done by:
turning off all the lights, 
lighting candles in a circle (or whatever configuration calls to you), 
donning a mask, costume, ceremonial paint, or any kind of transformative ensemble. 

Treat this moment as a place outside of time, outside of who you are in the day to day.


Take a moment now to set an intention for your sex magic. 

You may want to use this time to focus on letting go of a relationship or a longing for a lover from the past that still haunts you.

In keeping with the energy of this season, rituals that are focused on total transformation or releasing/letting go are highly recommended. This can look like a powerful reclamation of our sexual energy, and a thorough healing of our relationship to bodies, our erogenous areas, and our own carnality. 

For many of us right now, who are currently experiencing a lot of trauma around speaking up about our experiences of sexual harassment and/or violation, this can be a time to heal, to let our own connection to the magic and strength within us to be the remedy for the wounds inflicted by those outside of us. 

While in your sacred space, with your crystal companion in your hands, connect with your intention. 


Now, take a moment to call in your protectors. It is time to honor the spirits or energies that you hold in the highest. 

Make some space for the divine in this – call it in, and hold it close, in your body and breath.


This is a time to be fully present, and fully embodied – whether alone, or sharing this experience with another. 

Lay your crystal in a space near your body that calls to you. Go slow. Be sure to regard every movement as sacred. 

Use your hands to feel your body in any way that calls to you. Hum, sing, or chant whatever comes to you in this moment. 

However you choose to, build the energy you are creating up into a crescendo, taking as much time as you possibly can to reach that summit. 

You may choose to channel your orgasmic energy into your crystal companion – or, utilize the power of your voice at the peak moment and howl it out! 

Take it to that place where you no longer know up from down, to that netherworld where all things are possible. This is an energetic metamorphosis, taking place on every level: heart, body, mind, and spirit. Here, we are fully transformed – in alignment with our truth.


As you close your ritual, move slowly back into the “real world.” 

Keep the lights dim. Don’t immediately check the time (or texts) on your phone. 

Continue this work by setting intentions before sleep to seal your focus in your dreams, and to remember any symbols or messages that come through in the night. 

Many blessings on your rituals, and may all of your soul’s deepest desires be realized.