Libra Moon Trine Venus in Aquarius: A Message of Love

February 5, 2018


Today, the high-minded Libra moon trines idealistic Venus in Aquarius.

This is a meeting of two energies that prioritize harmony and peace. You might be feeling more inclined to get along with people, you might feel friendlier in general. You might be drawn to the lovelier things in life.

And so we find the flower gardenia.

The scent of gardenia is used in perfumes and cleaning products for the body and home. It has a flowery, elegant scent that can also be used in aromatherapy or as an essential oil to calm the senses and act as an aphrodisiac.

You can use the oil in massage, in a bath, or in a diffuser. The oil is also good for the skin as it is antibacterial and antioxidant, so it can soften, heal, and protect skin.

Giving someone gardenia flowers sends a message of love, and gardenia is also used in love spells. It promotes peace and is protective.
Reveal messages of love from your romantic past, present, and future…

The white flower can be made into a tea to help heal bladder and pelvic problems and ease anxiety and stress.

The moon-Venus trine always brings a sense of pleasure and beauty no matter what signs the planets are in, but with Libra and Aquarius in the mix, we have a chance to really elevate the aesthetics and feed the senses.

A Libra moon is about elegance and refinement. Gardenia, an elegant and refined flower, is the perfect match.

Grounding Elements Pro-Tip: This White Gardenia oil is perfect for diffusing, or adding a few drops into your bath.