Feeling those Intense Scorpio Vibes?

October 23, 2017


The sun moves from peace-loving Libra into super-intense Scorpio today.

Our entry into Scorpio season can often feel like a plunge into the depths, especially coming off of the harmonic heights of Libra season. Scorpio’s mission is to peel back the surface to expose what’s underneath, and it has the strength to confront whatever lies there.

In order to keep our own strength up, to withstand whatever is to be revealed, we can use basil.

Basil has been used as an herb for initiation rites, for the passage from life to death, and as protection against dark forces. It is also used in love spells to bring romance and passion, another aspect of Scorpio, who traditionally rules sex and death.

The attraction energy of basil can bring people together in deeper connection. And, the plant’s connection to Scorpio is real – it has even been been said to attract scorpions!

To cultivate a deeper loving connection with another, simply place some basil leaves, dried or fresh, around your home.  Or, gift some basil to the person you want to connect with.
Check the romantic potential between you and the person you adore!

We can eat basil with intention, in all kinds of dishes, raw or cooked. A poultice of mashed up basil leaves on skin can ease the sting of bug bites, and basil tea can soothe all types of stomach cramps.

Basil can allow us to find ease within struggle, and re-energize us to help move through difficult thresholds with grace. Scorpio season can be a time when we confront the skeletons in the closet, and since basil is an herb that opens up our hearts and our paths forward, it can assist this clearing out of old psychic clutter.

Drawing by Small Spells