Lunar Eclipse in Leo: We Can Be Royals

February 1, 2018

THE QUEEN (2006)

Yesterday’s full moon lunar eclipse in the royal sign of Leo ushered us into a powerful portal from which we’ll emerge in two weeks with a newfound dignity.

Of course, there can only be one Queen Elizabeth II, but this eclipse portal is an opportunity for each of us to get in touch with our own inner monarch.

Mercury also entered Aquarius yesterday, heralding a more egalitarian future in which every individual is a “queen” or “king” with sovereignty over their own life. But let’s not allow the power to go to our heads. After all, even the Queen herself (Academy Award winner Helen Mirren) knows when to put personal pride aside for the common good.

If we’re wondering how we can be of service, today’s Virgo moon offers clarity, as long as we avoid getting caught up in petty details. The moon’s square to Mars in Sagittarius could stir up conflict if we take a less-than-generous approach. A trine to Saturn in Capricorn makes it easy to err on the side of tradition, but in this changing world, the old rules may no longer apply.
Try something new! Understand your past, present, and future…

Tomorrow’s opposition between the moon in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces will reveal where we need to surrender our expectations of perfection and allow compassion to flow. By Saturday afternoon, when the moon enters Libra, we’ll finally be ready to compromise, especially with the help of an open-minded sextile between Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Sagittarius.

Saturday’s other major aspect involves Venus in Aquarius, who could easily be described as “the people’s princess,” the same words Prime Minister Tony Blair (Michael Sheen) used in his eulogy for Princess Diana, whose shocking 1997 death set off the events depicted in the film.

The square between Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio reminds us that to truly inspire others, we must be vulnerable, authentic, and lead from the heart.
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