Manifesting Love in All Forms: A Zodiac Guide to Self-Care on Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

With the sun in Aquarius during a holiday that is so often associated solely with romantic love, many of us can feel disconnected, unromantic, and downright lonely on February 14.

But love is a social support structure, and Aquarius understands that defining love only in terms of romantic love is the very thing that makes our sense of community fall apart.

So, this Valentine’s Day, let’s all prepare for the new moon in Aquarius (happening the following day, on February 15) by announcing a fresh start to the way we think about this holiday.

All forms of love are created equal.

This year, allow yourself to feel lighter when you see that stranger at the bus stop with a bouquet of flowers. Maybe those blooms are for her mother!
Get a deeper perspective on love!

Focus on appreciating the familiar faces at your workplace. Try to notice the small ways that people show you that you are appreciated.

Take a moment to remember the people who supported you when you were a child and those who have supported you as an adult. And reignite any connections that may have been lost over time.

And, by all means, show love to your partner if you happen to have one. Just don’t forget that the love you have for your family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbor – and yourself– is just as valuable.

Here are some suggestions, based on your zodiac sign, on how you can manifest love in all forms this Valentine’s Day.
What role will love play in your future? 



Love the strangers in your life. Check your own ego by loving the crowd you disappear within. Who can you notice today – someone you don’t know personally but who represents humanity for you? How can loving humanity keep you humble and unique?


Love the world you live in and all the things it contains. Love the challenges this world gives you so you can grow. Love your oppression because it defines you and give you your edges. Love the way you respond to oppression because it gives you fire.


Love those who disagree with you, because they give you a chance to get your own thoughts in order and let you change your mind continuously. Love the consequences of changing your mind, because it shows how much influence your ideas have.


Love those you share your life with and trust. Always remember to give and receive equally in all your relationships. Give a little and receive a little, whether it’s a gift to a family member or a kind word from a co-worker.


Love those who are different from you, because they are the ones who make it truly possible for you to be yourself. Without the contrast, you wouldn’t be able to be special. Appreciate that specialness in others to keep your own uniqueness.


Love your co-workers because they’re the people who see whether you are taking care of yourself every day. Do a small, special act of appreciation at work to make everyone feel cared for and you will feel cared for in return.


Love yourself because no one else out there quite knows how to do that as well as you can. Do something creative with yourself – whether you have a partner or not – to prioritize your sense of self.


Love and protect your home because it is the place where you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Take a moment to show love to those you create your home with, whether that’s your family, a pet, or roommates.


Love your neighbor! Show it by simply having a quick chat with one of them. It will ground you in your place, prompt you to love where you place yourself, and remind you that there are always hidden adventures, everywhere.


Love what you have, whether that means the things you have, the ideas you have, or the people you have. Treasure what is already yours to value your life just how you live it. No one else will do this for you.


Love those who are similar to you because they’re the ones who help you figure out what it means to be yourself. Suppress that need to be a contrarian for a day and realize just how much you have in common with everyone else.


Love the people you invent and hang out with inside your head. Love that they are fiction, because they’re a shortcut to loving the bits and pieces of imagination that make up you. Love your ability to imagine and the fact that you’ll always have it.