MANY MOONS: New Moon in Libra

October 19, 2017

This new moon on Thursday falls in the astrological sign of Libra, while the sun is also in Libra.

Double air, double speech, double clear communication. There’s the potential for bright words between the conscious and the subconscious.

Libra is ruled by Venus, she who came out of the sea in a shell. A pearl come to life, perhaps.

Across cultures, there are scores of similar myths of goddesses of the sea, coming out of the sea: Oshun, the Yoruba deity of the sea; Yemanjá, giver of all; Mami Wata, the ocean goddess of Ghana. Even the Greek sea god Poseidon was first the female Posidaeja in ancient Minoan culture, as noted in Barbara G. Walker’s The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects

The symbol of Libra is that of a scale. The Sanskrit name for the sign of Libra was “Tula,” which meant the Balance, and the scale of Egyptian Goddess Maat (also associated with Venus) weighed hearts in the afterworld. 

Other aspects that Venus rules are love, beauty, relationships and partnerships of all kinds, sex, money, pleasure, earthly delights, harmony, charm, contracts, and artistic pursuits. You can work spells on your own around these subjects. 

You can focus on infusing these themes into your life. 

New Moon in Libra Tarot: 

Three of Cups and The Empress

When I think of this harmonic energy, it makes me think of the Three of Cups card in the Tarot. 

This card represents the harmonic power of the joyful collective. Manifestation is at its most potent when done as a group, in the form of spiritual altruism. The figures in the Three of Cups symbolize celebration and harvesting successful outcomes together. 

This card is about collaboration and selfless hard work.

Of course, this card—three women— evokes the Triple Goddess. It also references the three Graces, as well as the three Fates. Sometimes when this card appears, it signals a moment where those around you can help you with your destiny, with what you know you must work on growing. We can’t not see this card as a semblance of sisterhood, these dancing women with glasses raised towards one another, raised towards the sky, raised towards the shared success that comes with support.

The other Tarot card that is the embodiment of Venus is the Empress. The Queen of all the Queens, the Empress attracts through the power of self-love. She’s brilliant and bold, pregnant with possibilities. She is a symbol of the harvest. 

Do you need to invoke the Empress card at this new moon? Do you need to slather on more love to your body, heart and mind? Is it time for you to harvest? To call in what you are owed? To birth new projects with a new kind of magnetism?  

New Moon in Libra Invocation:

Finding Balance

New moons can be invocations. We can’t actually see the moon; it is a blank slate. An invitation to a new way of thinking, a different mode of life. A fresh form of inquiry, of speaking about things, at beginnings. How do you handle beginnings in your life, new phases? Is there a catch in your throat? Do you hurtle yourself into them wholeheartedly? Why?

This is a time of negotiating balance. We stand in the mix of the dark and the light. 

We prepare for the descent into the cold of winter while still enjoying the bursts of sunlight filtering through the changing leaves of autumn. This time isn’t one or the other. We aren’t just one thing at the expense of the other. 

Balance isn’t either/or. It’s everything/and. 

If part of this new moon message is to accept and integrate all your complexities and start fresh with a richer understanding of your stamina and beauty, let this settle. Let this burst forth in the ways it needs to. This may be messy, complex, raw—more lavish in wholeness than you’ve ever experienced.

Maybe finding balance, for you at this time, is simply accepting all the emotions, all the lessons, all the signs and messages and goodbyes and hellos more fully as your reality. Maybe redefining balance for you at this time is the grace and ease with which you flow from sorrow to sunshine, compassion to celebration. Maybe your balance is bringing in more folks with which to share the external and internal, the spectrum from darkness to new moon dawn.

May this new moon bring you harmony between some tension. May you be mirror of love. May the new cycle bring you weavings and more belief. More chances to peer into the authentic mirror that is your birthright. Paint your new reflection boldly. May you stand up for yourself and that which you love as never before. 

The ask at this time, this new moon in October, a bridge month, is to come together in ritual and meditation. In support and linked invocation. Surrounded by the riches of the last external harvest of this year. Surrounded by your own grace and those who inspire you with their alignment. There is power in numbers. There is power in being reflected by those around you.

Seek those out who show you the beauty of grit, resilience, your blossoming and and your beauty. Seek out those who still believe. Those who choose to continuously weave new stories out of the lessons of the old, the presence of the present, and the stardust of the future. 

Suggested Activities:

Come together with loved ones.

Gather with a few close friends. Honor one another in a New Moon Circle. Feed one another. Listen to one another’s dreams and intentions for this next lunar cycle. Squeeze one another hand’s affirmatively. Spoil them with love letters and snacks. Tell one another how beautiful you are and how much you believe in them, how much you are rooting for them.

Make your mirror your vision board. 

On the new moon, spend a few hours finding pictures of illustrations of what you are ready to step into. This could be abstract, like colorfields, or very exact, like more friends or community. Tape them on your mirror so that they will frame your face, or your body with affirmations. Look into your mirrored eyes and smile, knowing you are surrounded by your intentions every day.

Meditate on the Three of cups, the Empress, and Justice cards.

Which card resonates with you at this time? Put it on your altar. Write about it. Close your eyes and place yourself in it. Then invoke the feeling of the card in your day to day life.

Journaling Questions: 

What are my new definitions of balance?
How will I step more fully into them? 
What will my new reflections consist of? 
How will my intentions be a mirror of my beauty?

Happy new moon!

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