The New Moon in Pisces Delivers Dreams Into Reality

March 5, 2019

At 8:03 a.m. PST on March 6, 2019, the new moon will be in Pisces.

Real life doesn’t always turn out the way we envision it. But at this new moon, the more tuned in we are to our heart’s desires, the better chance we have of making our dreams come true.

What Does the New Moon in Pisces Mean?

When the sun (creative inspiration) and moon (nurturing and growth) align, they set the perfect conditions for bringing visions into reality. And when it happens in magical, mystical Pisces, there’s no limit to what our imaginations can conjure up!

Still, it may take some extra effort to get ourselves into manifesting mode. With so many subtle energies swirling around at this new moon, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by other people’s psychic stuff—and confused about what we really feel or want. And with sensitivities running high, we may be more interested in numbing out than tuning in.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?

Looking for a better way to channel the Pisces vibes? This new moon is the perfect time to begin (or deepen) any spiritual or creative practice. Unite your body, mind, and spirit through meditation, yoga, or dance. Connect with your intuition by playing around with Tarot, oracle cards, or any divination tool that speaks to you. Enjoy a beautiful work of art, music, poetry, or film. Better yet, create one of your own!

Yes, this new moon is all about following your bliss—but that’s not as self-centered as it may sound. After all, more than any other sign, Pisces understands that all is one and everything is interconnected. When we focus on what we love, the good vibes can’t help but ripple out into our relationships and our world.

And isn’t that just what we need right now?

Horoscopes for the February 2019 New Moon in Pisces


You may be a psychic sponge, Pisces, but absorbing too much of other’s stuff can really bog you down. At this new moon, it’s time to wring out the excess and focus on what makes you feel good. You may also need to set healthier boundaries around your personal space, energy, and time. Think of it as enlightened selfishness.


We wouldn’t say your waters are still, Aries—but they do run pretty deep! Sometimes, you’re even a mystery to yourself, acting or reacting instinctively without knowing why. This new moon invites you to take a deep dive and explore your subconscious mind. Understanding your true motivations can make life much easier to navigate.


Where do we begin, Taurus? With so many worthy causes competing for your attention, it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. Fortunately, you’ve got the good sense to realize you don’t have to do everything—you just have to do something. This new moon is all about channeling divine compassion into down-to-earth acts of service.


Get out your vision board, Gemini! At this new moon, it’s time to revisit—and possibly revise—your long-term goals. After all, you’ve grown and changed a lot in the past year, so it’s only natural if your dreams have, too. Choose an inspiring new direction to channel your creative energies, so they don’t get scattered to the wind.


Empathy is easy, Cancer—all it takes is a little imagination. Still, the more you take the time to educate yourself about other people’s realities, the easier it is to put yourself in their shoes and to help them in a more meaningful way. This new moon invites you to transcend your own frame of reference and seek a deeper understanding.


Love is blind, Leo. Whether romantic or platonic, the mystique you build up around key relationships can do wonders for your self-image. But if you’re looking at the other person only as a mirror, you’re probably not seeing the whole picture. This new moon challenges you to look a little closer and connect with them on a deeper level.


You always give it your best shot, Virgo—so we get how frustrating it is when others drop the ball. Still, if a loved one has failed to live up to your standards recently, it probably wasn’t for lack of trying. Most likely, they were doing their best. This new moon asks, can you find it in your heart to forgive and forget?


“Professional people pleaser”—Libra, you might as well put that on your resume! Wherever you work, clients, customers, and colleagues know they can count on you to make life more beautiful. But at this new moon, your own happiness is equally important. After all, you’ve got to fill your own well before you can offer anyone else a drink.


We’ve all got an inner child, Scorpio—even someone as dark, sexy, and mysterious as you. But something tells us it’s been a while since you let yours out to play. Fortunately, this new moon is a chance to change that. Let down your guard and give yourself permission to do something that makes you feel like a kid again!


Domestic bliss isn’t always your cup of tea, Sag. But in between adventures, you’ve got to have somewhere to rest up and recharge. This new moon challenges you to find (or create) a sanctuary of your very own. Who knows? With a safe and secure place to land, you might be inspired to dream even bigger and aim even higher!


Penny for your thoughts, Capricorn? At this new moon, you seem to have a lot on your mind—but it might be wiser to tune in to what’s happening all around you. What seem like distractions in the moment could turn out to be important later. Make sure you’re not so preoccupied that you miss the message!


Money is no object, Aquarius—at least not when it’s for the greater good. Still, it feels a lot better to give from a place of abundance than a place of scarcity. Whatever your financial situation at this new moon, you’ve got something of value to offer; just make sure you’re being realistic about what you can afford to give.

Image by Vanessa Valadez via Twenty2o