March Astrology Forecast: Welcome to the Dreamiest Month of 2022!

March 1, 2022

The energy of the world has been anything but stress-free for the past two years.

Finally, a time has come in which we can embrace our desires and live through our hearts. Romanticism and kindness are high right now giving us the incentive to heal our past ones and to make nice with those we care about. After all, we are seeing that the only way to move forward with others and in our own personal lives is to choose kindness. This means giving lots of love to everyone and opting to be the best versions of ourselves. 

A Sentimental New Moon

March 2’s Pisces New Moon aligns with Jupiter, who is the traditional planetary ruler of Pisces. This energy is going to make us all feel a little nostalgic as we move forward and implement new dreams into our lives. This is a really wonderful time to connect with people from the past, express your innermost feelings to those you love, and manifest abundance. The cosmic energy is allowing us to bond with others on a deep level. If you want, it would be lovely to redecorate the home or feng shui things around your dwelling. Changing the flow of energy in your home will open you up to amazing portals and comforts that you’d never expect. Also, heighten your intuition and confidence. All the more reason to manifest greatness and give this lunation the uttermost attention. 

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Love is in the Air 

Planet of love, Venus, and planet of action, Mars, align in Aquarius on March 6. This is the second time in 2022 when Venus and Mars are coming together. Last month, they aligned in Capricorn a few days after Valentine’s Day. When Venus and Mars connect in the sky, this allows us to attain a deeper connection with our romantic partners, also it helps us come together with a yin and yang energy that exists within ourselves. Being that both of these planets are in Aquarius, this is the time in which we will reflect and take note of how we wish to create the life we want. Money matters and investments will also be at the forefront of our minds. Making keen investments in cryptocurrency will elevate your portfolio and bring you financial success. 

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Two Mercurial Shifts 

Planet of communication, Mercury, swims into Pisces from March 9 to March 27. During this time we will be relying on our intuition and gut feelings, over verbal and written words. The reason being is that Pisces is not an extremely communicative side being that it is a water element. This means that when it’s in mercury the planet takes on an otherworldly perspective. We do not rely on logic and information to help us process information, rather the focus is on how situations and people make us feel energetically. Mercury will be in fiery Aries from March 27 to April 10. During this time, communication will be direct, impulsive, and edgy. In order to avoid conflict with others, we’ll have to choose our words wisely and put our swords away when expressing ourselves. Words can hurt, which is a sentiment you’re fully aware of but learning the depth and power that they have right now. Before asserting yourself and making blunt blanket statements, think about what you’re wanting to express. You may realize that you attract more kindness with sweeter and sincere words.

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Dreamy Vibes 

All of the Piscean energy that is swimming around us is going to make us feel as though we are living in a real daydream. As we splash through the energy, it’s important to note that our imaginations will be triggered and our emotions will be heightened. Also, we will begin to feel Aaron Cipro’s level once we heal situations or relationships in our lives. The Sun and Jupiter connect in Pisces on March 5, expanding our homes, philosophy, and hearts. This is a time in which we will embrace a worldly vision and seek new and inventive ways to understand the universe. The Sun and Neptune align on March 13 in Pisces, Which will add a little bit of exhaustion, paranoia, sentimentality, creativity, and intuition to our overall energy of the day. This is not the time to make decisions, rather to weigh options and to think about all of the possibilities. This is a month for all visionaries to take the lead in projects and to craft their dreams into reality. With energy being so lush, it’s an extra put-in time to save deep into the subconscious and take all of the artistic sentiments out to manifest.

A Pragmatic Full Moon 

The Virgo full moon on March 18 is getting a little push from transformational Pluto. This is allowing us to think about the areas in our lives that need changing and to make the necessary adjustments before we go into Aries season, which occurs two days later. This is a moment in which we will be reflective, analytical, and compassionate to others. It’s not a time of Gymatic forces coming in to make sweeping changes, but we will once you make necessary transitions on a smaller scale at this time.

Welcome to Spring! 

The spring equinox, astrological new year, and Aries season begin on March 20. This is a magical and putting time in which we will not only embrace a new season, but we also will have a new year that allows us to create visions and dreams that we want to attend. The spring equinox thins the veil between the spiritual and physical world. This means that ghosts may come to us while we sleep and offer us insights. Or, our intuition will be on fire during this time and allow us to see matters from a clearer perspective. As we move through the first days of spring, we will have more energy to move towards our goals due to the fiery nature of Aries season, setting off the potent vibe. Anything and everything is possible now. With the fire under our bellies, we can attain them now. Full speed ahead.