March is a Month of Liberation

February 28, 2019

It is the end of the winter and as above, so below. As the northern hemisphere thaws, the motion of the cosmos also becomes more fluid, nebulous, and dramatically transitional.

The month kicks off big, with Venus in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries at the anaretic degree of each sign. This tense and potentially disruptive square affects intimate partnerships, financial agreements and anywhere we are cultivating abundance—but the disruption is necessary and provides us with a more clear-eyed path as we forge ahead.

Immediately after making this aspect, Venus transits into Aquarius and becomes the dazzling hyper-queer sexy android version of herself, moving collective ideals of love and sex toward excitingly futuristic and potent horizons. Queers to the front! When Venus moves through Aquarius, it is always a thrilling opportunity to reevaluate your sexuality and all of your means of attraction to be certain they are authentic to your truest self. In other words, Venus in Aquarius is an invitation to bring your eccentricity to the forefront—to come out of the closet, as it were. Even if you don’t identify as queer, Venus in Aquarius is liberating and unusual.

Mercury is spending more time in Pisces than it usually spends in any sign, and the fleet-footed messenger is considered debilitated in the sign of the Fishes. All the Piscean 12th-house dissolution energy confuses and confounds Mercury, who splutters and sinks into the murky poetic depths. Mercury’s retrograde motion surely adds to the blurriness of this transit and dominates much of March’s mood. The retrograde officially kicks off on March 5th, but we are already in the shadow period. Keep in mind, Mercury stays in Pisces all month long, so all mercurial affairs (communications, technology, commerce, among many others) are seen through the underwater lens of Pisces.

March 6 brings a new moon in dreamy, ethereal Pisces and Uranus stationing firmly into Taurus, reinvoking issues that were shaken up by its initial movement into Taurus last May. This is a major transit that will have global effects, especially on issues ruled by Taurus. Over the next seven years, we should expect colossal shifts in beauty standards, materialism, environmental consciousness, and global finance. The powerful new moon lends us the ability to center our thoughts on futurist ideals and be a part of innovation that will lead the way to a better world.

What do the stars have in store for you this year?

March 14 is arguably the height of Mercury retrograde’s shenanigans when the sun catches up to Mercury and Mercury is cazimi, or conjunct the sun. The Pisces energy will be very pronounced on this day; best to dedicate your energies to creative, dreamy pursuits rather than anything concrete or technical.

March 20 finds the sun entering Aries and spring officially begins in the northern hemisphere. A ripe and lush full moon in Libra follows, shining a healing and harmonious light on ideals we are committed to. There is an invitation to recognize the beauty in our bonds, in our agreements. Intentions set at this time are likely to flourish, but because Mercury is retrograde in watery Pisces, avoid making specific demands of the universe or being narrow-minded in manifestation work. Focus on the greater good rather than a particular expectation or outcome.

March 26 Venus enters Pisces, where she is exalted. Our sympathies are heightened, compassion becomes more possible. With this dreamy transit, the world thrums with more romance, sentiment, and nostalgia. On the same day, Mercury goes direct, alleviating some of the fog.

Finally, right at curtain call, on the last day of the month, Mars makes an ingress into Gemini, diversifying our ambitions and opening us up to new possibilities and diverse outcomes for our best-laid plans. We now have an opportunity to infuse our actions with shimmering intellect and to engage in playful contemplation of many angles. With Mercury in Pisces and Mars in Gemini creating a bit of creative tension, we may as well embrace the possibilities and try something new.

Image by Rachel Lynette French via Unsplash