Mars in Sagittarius: Time to Take a Risk

March 9, 2018

“Do You Need My Love”
by Weyes Blood

“Passion must mean everything
I felt your body scream to be set free”

Chance meetings and the thrill of romantic pursuits reign today as Mars takes the lead on affairs of the heart. When the moon and Mars come together, you can be sure that passionate adventures lie just around the corner.

During the Mars transit through Sagittarius, boldness and idealism are increased, causing us to possibly take on more than we can realistically deal with. The moon amplifies the emotional thrust of Mars and adds a good degree of drama to expression.

With this kind of astrological atmosphere, risk-taking might just be the ticket.

Mars forms an adventurous trine with Uranus today, giving us a sexual edge and heightening our instinctual natures.

This is a spicy night for romance, so consider yourself forewarned!

Make sure you’re choosing the right one! 

Dive into your passion this evening with the psychedelic anthem “Do You Need My Love” by Weyes Blood. The powerful countermelodies sweep you into the madness of passionate abandon, whisking you down a woozy rabbit hole of desire.

Don’t shy away from fully expressing your secret longings if you’re currently in a partnership. Uranus rules the unexpected, so you might be surprised by your significant other’s openness.

Listen to “Do You Need My Love” by Weyes Blood here.