Mars Inconjunct Neptune: Watch Out

November 10, 2017

“Quarrel” by Moses Sumney

“With you half the battle is proving we’re at war”

Have you ever had one of those days that everyone seems to let you down? Well, this could potentially be that kind of day. But knowledge is power… right?

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You may need to curb your expectations in the relationship front today with Mars in Libra quincunx (aka inconjunct) Neptune in Pisces. With these two planets 150 degrees apart, boundaries may be crossed and decision making may falter. In the face of such uncertainty it’s imperative to take a logical and realistic approach to any interpersonal drama you may face. A quincunx – also known as inconjunct – can be draining and even guilt-inducing, but awareness and integration can soften the blow of this transit.

Today’s song of the moment dives into the discomfort of our expectations versus the reality of the situation at hand.
“Quarrel” is the tale of two distinct takes on a romantic situation: One person may shrug it off as just a lover’s quarrel, while the other may be facing a point of no return.

Thankfully, the upcoming trine tomorrow between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries creates an atmosphere where tradition (Saturn) and innovation (Uranus) manage to see reach an agreement of sorts.

Since Saturn rules structure, the addition of Uranus and its rule over the unexpected can bring out your maverick nature, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying to buck the system. Effects of this transit may be felt in the political or personal arena, manifesting as startling cross party alliances, weird pairings between the old guard and the new, or sudden technological innovations that improve existing structures.

Mars quincunx Neptune asks that we watch out for those blind spots and tendencies to compartmentalize different aspects of our lives.

Our advice? Integrate and face the discomfort.

Listen to today’s Song of the Moment now.