Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022 & 2023: Astrology, Meaning, & Horoscopes

December 2, 2022

Mars retrograde dates: October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023.

Mars enters pre-retrograde shadow on September 3, 2022, at 8°8′ degrees of Gemini.

Mars goes retrograde on Oct 30, 2022, at 6:25 a.m. Pacific Time at 25°37′ degrees of Gemini.

Mars turns direct on Jan 12, 2023, at 12:56 p.m. Pacific Time at 8°8′ degrees of Gemini.

The post-retrograde period lasts until March 15, 2023, at 25°37′ degrees of Gemini.

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Mars Retrograde in Gemini Meaning

Mars is the planet that rules our drive and how we go after what we want and desire, for that reason, Mars retrograde is a time the war planet stops acting out and uses manipulative tactics to control situations. Being that this Mars retrograde is in Gemini, it’s easy to assess that we will be dealing with communication meltdowns. Hidden anger that’s been building up within will come to the surface and result in a harsh tongue lashing. The results can lead to major issues and arguments that won’t be easy to repair. Therefore, during this transit, it’s best to think before asserting yourself and keep a journal of what you wish you could say—then evaluate your findings to decide on the right way to let your feelings be known. 

Key Mars Retrograde Aspects in 2022

  • November 19: Mars retrograde will form a square to Neptune in Pisces, which will make it hard for us to move forward. This cosmic clash escalates fears and phobias that have been dormant within ourselves. The result can make us feel stuck and unsure. The flip side is that we’ll be drawn to mysterious people and situations that make us use our investigative skills. However, anxiety will have an extreme effect on our emotional nature and create more issues down the road. 
  • November 28: Mars retrograde will form a trine with Saturn in Aquarius, adding a stabilizing energy while giving us structure. Foundations will seem stronger, even if it’s temporary. Commitments are possible now, even though there may be major changes in the terms once Mars turns direct. Watch out for power struggles with those who are in authoritative roles and want to control us. 

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Mars Retrograde in Gemini Effects

This retrograde will be most intense for the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces (especially Gemini). This should be a time of change—but the retrograde will expose phobias that will make these signs slow down and not take action. 

This retrograde will be most beneficial for the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. It’ll give them a chance to reevaluate their financial plans and goals. 

This retrograde will be the easiest for the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. It’s their chance to heal and work through personal issues. 

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mars retrograde 2022

Mars Retrograde 2022 Horoscopes


Your mind can run a million miles a minute. Unfortunately, you’re not able to take on all the tasks that you wanted to because you’re focusing on other ideas and endeavors. Before moving on to the next project, try to finish your thoughts on the one you’re working on first. Then, you can fully complete the project that you’re working on without having the pressure of doing two or more projects at once. Don’t abandon the ship until you have finished working on what you started. 


You are a lover of the finer things in life, and you can never do without them. The caveat is that your bank account can’t afford a lot of the luxurious goods that you’re thirsting over. Instead of pushing your credit card to the limit, plan a budget that works for you to ensure that you do not overspend. That way, you won’t be in a financial crisis and have cash to spend on things that you actually need (like food and shelter) rather than indulgent trinkets that are expensive. 


With Mars retrograde connecting with your sun, you may find yourself having more temper tantrums and emotional meltdowns than normal. You don’t have the energy, will, or strength to argue and are opting to internalize your emotions, which never nodes well when it comes to someone who’s as communicative as you. Find healthier ways to release your bottled-up emotions. Perhaps a yoga or kickboxing class will help in clearing out all the pent-up energy and words you cannot express at this time. 


Simply put, this is a time of major indecision. Making choices about the direction of your life will be extremely hard. The good news is that you can and should take time to think about what you want and assess every option. Therefore, it’s best to take a step back and meditate on your desires. Rather than obsess and hit roadblocks or obstacles, use this retrograde as your personal downtime. It’ll be easy to know what you want after you’ve given it a lot of thought.


Everything that you’re wanting to get done is taking slower than normal. This will be hard for you, especially since your ferocious energy likes to do everything at once at lightning speed. Try not to get too frustrated at those who are helping you, and learn to work cooperatively with others. Although the progress on endeavors and projects isn’t moving swiftly, it will come to fruition if you choose alternate methods and are open to your team or friend’s ideas. Embrace the collective thought.


Everyone wants to rule the world. Some more than others. Now, you’re wanting to take charge and lead at your throne. The caveat is that you aren’t ready to—or if you are, then you’re being extremely dominant, which no one appreciates. Before taking charge, allow yourself to understand the needs of others that you work with, as well as your friends and family. You may find that the support they need isn’t a leader who dictates, but guidance and support in matters.


Don’t sweat the small stuff, which is easier said than done. This retrograde may have you looking at the micro versus the macro, as well as fixating on the details of matters. Do yourself a favor and let your brain take a rest. Try to look at the bigger picture of situations and relationships to avoid major issues from occurring—most of which you are creating in your mind. You can hammer out the smaller and molecular parts of matters later on. Think at a larger level first.


Consolidating debt or applying for a loan will be a tedious process, but essential to do during this time. Interest rates and mortgage rates may be out of your price range at this time. Conversely, you may find that the bank rates aren’t so bad and opt to take out a loan or change your mortgage plan. The bottom line is that you need to discuss matters with a financial advisor or banker to make sure that you are on the right path to financial wellness. Don’t be afraid or too stubborn to ask for help. 


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this won’t be an easy time for intimate relationships. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of repressed emotions that come to a head, some of which aren’t so wonderful and nice. Internalizing your feelings is taking a toll on your emotions and well-being. In true Sagittarius nature, you’re just letting it all out because you are tired of having to hold your tongue back. Be kind with your words and think before you address issues to minimize the drama.


Your patience is short, as are your energy levels. Use this time to implement self-care into your daily routine instead of always being on the go. The moment you take a step back from the extensive hustle of life, you will begin to feel calmer and at peace. Although you may be tempted to take on extensive projects that require your complete attention, it’s best to put them on the back burner for now and focus solely on yourself, as well as R&R.


Your creative flow will be up and down over the upcoming several weeks. One moment you have a wonderful idea, then you realize how hard it is to make it a reality. Instead of forcing the process, keep a journal of all your ideas and thoughts. That way, you can ensure that everything is ready for the time that you can actually try things out (or have the time and drive to). Plus, you won’t start projects that you can’t finish by using this method in your artistic practice.


You take everything to heart and absorb the energy of those you surround yourself with, which is why your sympathetic and tender spirit may be suffering more than usual now. In order to distance yourself from unnecessary negativity, you may want to temporarily cut out all the naysayers in your life. Surround yourself with optimism to breathe in positive vibes and to create a healthy foundation for yourself. Although it may be hard, implement boundaries to avoid being a part of other people’s problems.