Mars Sextile Jupiter: New Inspiration

April 23, 2018

Mars in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio today.

The sextile is a flowing aspect in which the energies fit together in a way that brings new inspiration.

Mars in Capricorn is working hard to make things real, to establish some concrete foundations. Jupiter in Scorpio is working on expanding within the deeper realms of the unconscious. When these are paired, we have a chance to take action for our lives in a way that also allows our innermost dimensions to participate.

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Perhaps this is a new way of being for some of us, and so we might need some support.

We think of black pepper as simply a flavoring, adding extra spice along with salt, but it has many more benefits than flavor. It is a stone fruit, which is dried to transform it into the peppercorns that we grind onto food.

Associated with the planet Mars for its strength and speed, black pepper can help with building confidence and being more assertive. It can also help with protection and in banishing negative energy. It is full of vitamins and minerals, and it can help to boost cognition and digestion.

Often, the physical benefits of a plant correspond to its emotional and energetic benefits. So, as pepper helps uplift and stimulate the brain and improve digestion, it also empowers our emotions and helps us to digest and clear out negative patterns.

Pepper is best used fresh, not cooked. Ground fresh on meals after they are cooked is the easiest way to work with black pepper while maintaining its healing properties. You can also use pepper oil topically or in aromatherapy.

Whenever you need a boost of solar energy for empowerment or to speed things up physically or energetically, black pepper is there for you.

Mars and Jupiter are both confident, optimistic planets, so the best way to work with them is to match their energy. Black pepper can help you do that.