Mercury Cazimi in Gemini Brings a Boost in Communication

May 20, 2019

On May 21, the sun and Mercury, both in Gemini, will form the tightest possible conjunction, which is known as a cazimi. In astrology, cazimi refers to a planet that is positioned in the heart of the sun—the two planets are so close to one another, they share nearly exact degrees.

The sun is our life force—it feeds us and any transiting planets’ energy when they form a conjunction. So, when the sun and Mercury sync up in such a powerful way, it heightens Mercury’s role in our lives. Mercury, our dear communication planet, will get a significant boost from the sun, so sharing ideas, mental stimulation, intellectual purists, witty banter, and more will be at the forefront of our minds. Mercury is also Gemini’s natural ruling planet.

When a planet returns to its natural ruling sign, it is in its domicile, which means it has extra strength and a natural ability to achieve the planet’s goals and potential.
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So, what does this mean for us? As a collective, we will all be experiencing some serious Gemini energy on May 21. Mercury cazimi will bring extra blessings to the Mercury-related themes in our life. We’ll have extra wit, our minds will be moving faster than the speed of light, bold ideas can strike like lightning, and we’ll be encouraged to share our thoughts. When Mercury is in Gemini, we find ourselves a little more outgoing, very curious, we might bore easily, and our words carry weight and cut through the air.

There are a few other aspects occurring in the sky on May 21 that may shed light on what we choose to communicate and why we choose to do so now.

Venus and Uranus, both in Taurus, will form a conjunction that can bring surprises to our relationships. It’s often difficult to predict what type of surprise Uranus will bring—it can be the kind that reignites your flame or one that tempts you to rebel against your partnership. It’s a passing transit that’s meant to trigger and stimulate; the best way to prepare is to adopt a go-with-the-flow mentality. Mercury cazimi might encourage you to talk about something unusual with your partner—think a surprise proposal, coming clean about something you’ve been avoiding, or sharing some of your deepest fantasies and fetishes.
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Saturn and Pluto will also be conjunct, both in Capricorn. When the Saturn, the planet of restriction, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, meet in the sky, it can force areas of your life to undergo stressful but necessary change. Responsibilities in your life and the structures you have in place will need a revamp. Look at your birth chart for which houses your natal Saturn and Pluto land in to discover what areas of your life will experience significant growth. With Mercury cazimi taking center stage for the day, we may be unable to sweep our problems under the rug. It’s an opportune time to tackle problems head-on with Gemini’s intellect and resourcefulness.

If you have any natal planets in your birth chart within 0°–3° Gemini, you will feel this transit the strongest. Game-changing ideas, ah-hah moments, and revelations can take place under this planetary influence. Keep an open mind and welcome the change.

Art by Gisela Ramos Hoff