Mercury Conjunct Saturn: House of the Future

November 28, 2017

House of the Future

How many ways can we make the most of today’s Mercury Saturn conjunction?  How can we best combine Mercury’s wit and fresh ideas with Saturn’s structure and sense of time? 

It is definitely worth spending a few minutes to meditate on combining these two aspects and seize this celestial opportunity to create a firm foundation that allows us to super-charge our genius.

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable.  Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.

Breathe deep and see yourself outside a wonderful house that has appeared in front of you. This is the House of the Future, a magical, beautiful home base built just for you. Notice everything you can about the outside of this house.  Let your subconscious partner with your higher self to fill this house with insight and symbols to help you as you move forward. 

Before you enter your house, breathe some extra light in and out from your heart to announce your presence, and request an animal helper to guide you as you stand on the threshold of this House of the Future. 

Whatever animal shows up first is perfect.  Thank your guiding creature for being your companion on this adventure. When you are ready, with this animal at your side, enter the house. 

Even if this house seems like someplace you’ve been before, you’ll find new rooms you’ve never seen before, whole wings that are brand new. Every space and thing in this house has something to give you or teach you as you move forward into the future. 

Suspend your logical ego mind, let the animal help you interpret everything purely, truly, and just enjoy this house and the adventure of exploring it. 

Breathe deep and let the animal guide you to the epic alchemical power that comes when you get smart and access the power of your firm foundation. 

Let your animal show you one special thing, one place or scene or object in this House of the Future that you may have missed. 

Perhaps this is the most important thing you can experience or learn. 

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Art by the amazing Manzel Bowman.