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Today, Mercury moves from Pisces into Aries, followed the day after by Venus. 

Because these two planets are next to each other, they are often together in the same sign. Which makes sense, because Mercury rules communication and Venus rules what we love, which we express by communicating. 

When Mercury is in Aries, our mouths can run faster and hotter than usual, which calls for extra discretion and care. Venus in Aries can also make us feel faster and hotter than usual. 

We might want to ease some of this fiery energy before it gets us into trouble. 

Curious about your strengths and weaknesses?


Passion flower is a plant known for its calming power. Although it is brightly colored and exotic looking, it has the ability to sedate, reduce stress, and fight insomnia. 

For medicinal use, the flower is made into a tea or dried and used in tinctures and extracts, although it also produces a fruit that can be eaten raw or made into jellies or sweets. 

In addition to having a calming effect, it also raises concentration and clarity. You can drink passion flower tea or juice to get this benefit. 

It is also thought to attract and heal friendships, which can be helpful if you happen to speak with too sharp a tongue, as Mercury in Aries is prone to do. 

Meditate on any conflict with a loved one while drinking passion flower tea, or using the dried herb in spell work, and the friendship can open up to be revitalized. 

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: Make yourself a pot of this passion flower tea to create an easy, calming ritual. 

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