Mercury in Capricorn: Digging in the Dirt

January 24, 2018


Mercury and Pluto are glooming together in Capricorn today, and they are dredging up all kinds of dirt, digging around in the mud to expose all the places where we are gunked-up and weighed-down. The moon, in Taurus, slows the pace even more, squaring against the sun first, then Venus.

There is a kind of sorrowful solemnity about this process, an uprooting, a return to an old and sad place. Picture yourself cleaning out a beautiful, old, tiled pool. The walls bear mosaics that tell the story of your greatest undoings, your oldest sorrows, your old haunts and hurts. As you clean the years of built up muck from these images, remember: it’s okay to feel sad about being so disrupted by the nameless shadow, by the heavy passage of time.
In truth, this clean-up effort is probably essential preparation for next week’s eclipse, which is going to knock our socks right off.

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Right now is a time of letting go, of transmuting, of release. It is also a fairly private time; it may be hard to find the words to express what you’re feeling. Mercury in Capricorn can be recalcitrant, after all, and Capricorn season was tiring and brought up a lot. With the moon in Taurus, it might be easier to feel it, rather than say it.

Black tourmaline is the absolute go-to for almost every practicing mystic I know. We use it to transmute all manner of negativity, whether it rises up from within us or arrives from an outside source. We use it to purify our altars, diminish our stress levels, and clear the vibes between readings.

It is the ideal ally for today, especially combined with a nice long bath or a restorative solo walk.

Grounding Elements Pro-Tip: This tumbled piece of black tourmaline is great for use in chakra balancing.