Mercury in Sagittarius: Return to Innocence

December 13, 2017

clear calcite

Yesterday evening, the sun was conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius at 21 degrees. and we will still feel the effects of this conjunction for the next day or two.

In the Sabian symbols, channeled by psychic Elsie Wheeler in 1925, 21 degrees of Sagittarius is embodied within the phrase: “A child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.” There is a playfulness here, an innocence, and the suggestion of a shifted perspective.

Mercury is retrograde, and whenever the sparkling messenger decides to do his dance steps backwards, we know we will be taking a trip down memory lane, whether we want to or not.

Culturally, we have a lot of family stuff come up this time of year: for almost everyone, there is an emphasis on family of origin, and Mercury retrograde can make communications strained and recollections painful. Our families test us like no one else tests us: some spiritual teachers say that’s why these particular souls were placed with one another, so that we could work out some of our most challenging karmas within our immediate family.
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Today also happens to be the second night of Hanukkah, the festival of light, observing the re-dedication of the temple which had been destroyed and emphasizing the importance of family, tribe, and heritage.

Enter clear calcite, which is going to tie all of this together for us.

For starters, clear calcite helps with a return to childlike innocence, play and trust (“a child and a dog with borrowed eyeglasses.”) It also helps with shifting perspectives – especially if you get a piece that is optical grade – which can help us do the processing work into which Mercury retrograde always beckons us.

Clear calcite is a light-bringer, enhancer of bright moods and heartened spirits, tirelessly reminding us of what it takes to cherish, spread, and cultivate the light. Also, clear calcite asks us to remember the spiritual lesson behind all of this material illusion – another symbolic interpretation of 21 degrees Sagittarius is from the Azoth Symbols, where it is called: “A holy man explaining the various meanings of the many names of God.”

I recommend keeping a piece of clear calcite in your home space to enhance peace, tranquility, and play. Especially effective as a centerpiece if you are hosting family dinner.
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