Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Calm Down!

March 28, 2018

Venus conjoins Uranus in Aries today! Let the testing begin.

Mercury retrograde in Aries is kicking up all sorts of fury, some righteous and some not. The sun is also blazing down in Aries, very strong in the first decan, and then Venus and Uranus are precisely conjunct at 5:47pm PST.

The moon spent a few hours void-of-course last night between Leo and Virgo, and now it is bringing in a rush of analytical and critical thinking to swirl with this indignation and frustration. Strange brew! As a result, many of us may not have slept well last night and may be nursing (Aries-ruled) headaches today. What we really need is to calm down. 


Like, sink-into-the-earth calm. Control-our-accelerated-heart-rate calm. Govern-ourselves calm.

Virgo is a misunderstood energy. Our perception of her is tainted by patriarchy, which is why she has a sort of shrewish reputation. In a more equitable world (you know, the one we’re building), the moon in Virgo is actually a sign of Dianic power, a sign of self-confidence, hermetic reflection, ability, and capacity. 

Venus is also in Aries and doesn’t enter Taurus until Friday.

Here’s another important bit: the asteroid Pallas Athena, our warrior goddess archetype, has been in Taurus, fighting for the earth and for bodily sovereignty for women. Today is her last day before she speeds off into Gemini to help address matters of inequity in sciences, academia, and philosophy. 

We are blessed to have Pallas Athena on our side in Taurus today, helping to remind all of us (but especially women and femmes) that our body is our only possession. Our moods move across us like tides, like storms, but our body is of the earth. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We can set our own frequency to match the deep calm of the planet on which we live with the help of dravite, or brown tourmaline. 


This stone’s energy is so grounding that my clients often fall asleep holding it! We are going to need all the help we can get to stay calm over the next few weeks, so I recommend getting to know a piece of dravite. 

Hold it in your palms often, press it against your belly, or, if appropriate, roll it gently beneath your feet. Let the stone get to know you, let your body get to know peace. 

After all the suffering the world shows us, we all deserve to feel at home in our bodies, and dravite can help us get there.

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: Place this piece of dravite on your navel during meditation to open your chakra.