Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Time to Take Stock

December 4, 2017


Over the weekend, Mercury began its last retrograde of the year, in Sagittarius. When Mercury retrogrades, we have a pause in the action, in the forward momentum, allowing us to reevaluate how things have been going and make readjustments if needed.

While in Sagittarius, this examination takes place on a large scale.

Sagittarius is the sign of philosophical meaning, intellectual pursuits, world travel. Big picture stuff. Coming at the end of the year, when many of us look back on our past and consider our future, it’s a good idea to support ourselves as we take stock.

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Rosemary has traditionally been used in metaphysical circles to protect and cleanse a space, and also to access ancient wisdom and memories. It is the herb of remembrance, and this can apply in a nostalgic sense, or a spiritual sense.

Or, we can consider it part of the retrograde ritual, as retrogrades are associated with all of the “RE“ words: review, reconsider, re-do, and remember. A sniff of rosemary, a fresh sprig or in oil form, is said to boost memory and assist learning as well.

We use the dried herb of rosemary in foods, often bringing a savory taste to sweet things, to balance out the flavors. We can also use the fresh or dried herb to cleanse and protect, by burning it in a space. Rosemary oil can be used on the hair and skin to stimulate rejuvenation.

Planting rosemary outside the front door will also serve to energetically protect. Leaving a sprig of rosemary under your pillow can help you to remember dreams. Exchanging rosemary sprigs between friends is said to seal the friendship and ensure lifelong fidelity.

Because this Mercury retrograde begins in Sagittarius, a confident and optimistic sign, rosemary is a good match to enhance our own abilities, our mind’s potential, and our outgoing nature.

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