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Meteorite: A Meditation for the Moon Conjunct Jupiter at 22 Degrees of Scorpio

Meteorite: A Meditation for the Moon Conjunct Jupiter at 22 Degrees of Scorpio

This morning, at 9:07am PST, the moon will conjoin Jupiter at 22 degrees of Scorpio. 

When the moon and Jupiter are working so closely together, it is a profound time to realize your dreams. And the fact that they are getting together in Scorpio suggests that whatever gifts they bring you today could have deep resonance. A perfect way to start your day, this meditation has been created to maximize your ability to be receptive and open to these gifts. 

Can your dreams come true? Find out how to make them happen…

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.


See yourself as a speck of energy, a piece of stardust far out at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. Really feel yourself as that energized stardust swirling, floating, and drifting in outer space.

Now feel yourself gently caught and held in the gravitational pull of the sun.

Experience the feeling of gravity getting stronger, slowly drawing you toward the center of our solar system. See your stardust-self drift past all those distant, dusty, dry, and rocky planets – some of them broiling, some of them frozen. 

Drift past the planets whose names we know and past our only natural satellite, the moon, and, finally, that beautiful blue-green sphere we call Earth comes into view.

From up here, you can see the swirling blue oceans, the green and brown and white of the land, one hemisphere of the planet shining in the sun, the other bathed in soft darkness. From up here you can see all manner of atmospheric events cruising just above the surface – thunderstorms, rain clouds, and snow. Let your stardust-self marvel at the beauty of planet Earth, with all its luscious color and flow.

Now feel your stardust-self zoom toward Earth, through the atmosphere and down into your body in this very moment.

Feel a sparkling wake-up call to this moment in your life, on this beautiful planet, connected, alive, and whole.

Feel yourself as part of an energetic spiraling of the energies of gratitude and love for this life you have, right now, as it is, in real time. Feel your vibration naturally rising up.

(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision, and experience it!)

Take a moment to connect with the magic that lies beneath the surface of all things. Feel the essence of your aliveness. Feel that you belong to the ever-changing, ever-expanding universe.

Tune in to the electric hum of all the hearts on Earth, and see if feeling all that heart energy raises your vibration even more.

Breathe into any new awareness or pleasurable feelings that arise.