Moon in Aries: Welcome to Your Best Self

November 29, 2017


The moon and Uranus are both in Aries today, and the sun, Mercury, and Saturn are all blazing bright in Sagittarius.

A winter bonfire will melt a circle in the snow, so that weary travelers may come forth from the long, dark night and warm their hands by the heat of the gracious flame, dry their traveling jackets, and stay for a song or a story or a generous cup.

As we move through the holiday season, with most of the planets now direct and the arduous summer and autumn behind us, it becomes important to use any opportunity for respite and relaxation very carefully.

We still have much to do – and perhaps we always do, in this world of matter. But with any luck, we have used the preceding months to refine our characters, feed our hungry ghosts, tame our demons, strengthen our ethics, and forgive our pasts. Hopefully, we have committed to becoming the best versions of ourselves that we can imagine, and can carry that goodness of self through the end of the calendar year and beyond.
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Citrine takes this fortitude and builds on it. For thousands of years, citrine has been thought to magnify and multiply good fortune and good character – many merchants keep a piece of citrine in the cash register to encourage cash flow, and many mystics (myself among them) carry a piece in their wallets to encourage solvency and a well-maintained reputation free from rumor or ill will.

Citrine is like that winter bonfire: flickering gold and bright, promising warmth and comfort, a stroke of good fortune to a lost traveler.

Citrine is best when carried or worn for long periods, as a sort of personal talisman, a reminder to count your blessings and to keep your eyes open for any new opportunities that may be coming your way.

Find a bright and beautiful citrine and carry it with you until New Year’s. Every time you see it or touch it, express gratitude for something that you have. Envision your gratitude expanding, your material life reflecting your state of thankful bliss.

Grounding Elements Pro Tip: This handmade, heart-shaped citrine pendant is the perfect talisman to keep you grounded in gratitude.