Moon in Scorpio: A Troublemaking Moon

February 7, 2018

Protect me from what I want.”
– Jenny Holzer

At 7:54 this morning, the moon in mysterious, relinquishing Scorpio squares the sun in innovative, ambitious Aquarius.

And so we could begin our day in a struggle with ourselves.
Achieve inner harmony and happiness…

Thankfully, by the end of the day, this troublemaking moon finishes the cage-rattling mission it is on when it squares Venus in Aquarius and then goes void-of-course at 11:16 pm tonight.

During the day, the sun is going to illuminate all of what we think we want, while the moon is going to highlight what we need to let go of. Then Venus enters the conversation and throws her own ideas at us about how we might transform.

This is a right kerfuffle, that’s for sure.

It is a good day for sobriety, precision, and acceptance. A good day to learn from each of these potent forces. Confusing as it seems, they all have your best interests in mind. The sun, the moon, and Venus are all urging you to focus on different things, but the kicker is that they’re all correct.

We do need to have independent high hopes for ourselves and show self-reliance (hey, sun). We do need to let go of our old trauma baggage and maintain strong boundaries (thanks, moon). We do need to allow our relationships with others to reflect our true self (gotcha, Venus).

How to harmonize these singing (or screeching) voices?


It can be a little hard to locate a high-grade danburite point, but I can’t recommend it highly enough. When information is flying fast, and you need to simultaneously open up and discern and make yourself a good, sustaining vessel, danburite is my go-to. This crystal ally aids in cultivating mental neutrality but also helps the memory and prompts good informational uptake. In short, it runs a diagnostic on your mind and helps clear out the gunk.

A word to the wise: in my practice, I have always, always, always seen danburite exaggerate the effects of any toxin taken into the body. If you are wearing or carrying danburite, consider sobriety for the duration of your work.
Grounding Elements Pro-Tip: We found some grade-A danburite for ya!