Neptune Out of Retrograde: The Truth Revealed

November 22, 2017

blue kyanite

Finally! Neptune goes direct.

Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011, and will swim out beyond the breakers until 2026. This transit occurs approximately every 165 years, and always represents a fertile time for artists, symbolists, and occultists. Secrets rise to the surface. Dreams (and nightmares) guide us. Psychic gifts emerge like new genetic mutations in a population.
Want a glimpse into the secret language of your dreams?

These are unconventional times, shamanic times.

Neptune adores being in Pisces, and is at home there. But, when the planet goes retrograde (as it has been since June 16), things can get dicey – especially in the mental health department. It can be very difficult to know what is real and what is delusion – or if “truth” really even exists. Paranoia and suspicion can run rampant.

But now we’ve made it. We have passed the test. We have answered the sphinx’s riddles and we are allowed to progress. At this same time, the sun just entered Sagittarius yesterday, and all of a sudden there’s a new light falling across our actions, like a blade from the heavens.

Blue kyanite was considered in ancient times to be just that: shards of the swords of angels, left embedded in the earth after the great battle between good and evil.

In a practical application, blue kyanite helps us to harness the power of our dreams and visions, to see situations from an elevated perspective, and to use our psychic gifts for good. It asks us to be philosophical and inquisitive, and encourages “high vibes only”… just like Sagittarius at its best.

Holding blue kyanite at your third eye during meditation is a surefire way to connect more deeply with your Neptunian forces. (One of my favorite tricks is to use surgical tape to affix a small piece to my forehead to enhance lucid dreaming.)

Many astrologers believe that this Neptune in Pisces may assist us in transcending the physical limitations of our world.

Working with blue kyanite can give us a head start.
Grounding Elements Pro Tip: These tumbled pieces of blue kyanite are the perfect companion for a third-eye meditation.