Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2023: Astrology, Meaning, & Horoscopes

April 18, 2023

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on June 30, 2023, and stations direct in Pisces on December 6, 2023.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2023: Pre & Post-Shadow Dates & Degrees

Neptune enters the pre-retrograde period on March 9, 2023 (at 24° Pisces 53′) at 12:18 pm PST.

Neptune stations retrograde on June 30, 2023 (at 27° Pisces 41′ Rx) at 2:07 pm PST.

Neptune turns direct on December 6, 2023 (at 24° Pisces 53′) at 5:20 am PST.

Neptune enters the post-retrograde shadow on March 25, 2024 (at 27° Pisces 41′) at 5:45 am PST.

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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Meaning

When Neptune—the planet of illusions and delusions—turns retrograde, situations become blurry and confusing to everyone. The haze settles in, and we don’t know what direction to follow or take. Sometimes, it can leave us stagnant in the present and unsure of the future due to unfounded fears and phobias. During the time Neptune is retrograde in Pisces, our intuition can be hard to gauge, making us believe things that aren’t necessarily real. Therefore, Neptune retrograde is a time when we can get lost in the fog, our emotions, and our visions. It’s as though we are in a wild daydream to which there is no end. The positive side of this transit is that we have time to reflect, which will help us in making moves toward what we want on a soulful level—when the time is right. As long as the vision is in our hearts, we can create the world we want piece by piece, with patience and love.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Key Dates

  • Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde on August 22. This aspect will keep us at a stalemate for sometime, as we are unable to make any movement in our lives. Although we will feel stuck, it’s important to know that this is a temporary situation, and we will be able to evolve shortly.
  • The Virgo sun opposes Neptune retrograde on September 19. At this time, we may feel as though we aren’t getting the attention we deserve. Anxieties and stresses could arise, making us want to take time away from the public. Spending time alone will help in banishing our worries. 
  • Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde on October 2, creating massive amounts of miscommunication. Triple check documents and facts before proceeding in any direction. Don’t commit to anything right away, as the plans will definitely change. 
  • Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde on November 3. Be careful not to overspend or in trusting people who aren’t honest. Understand that not everyone isn’t as well meaning as you are.

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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Effects

-Most intense for: This transit can be intense for everyone — but only if they aren’t open to embracing their mystical side and nature. Embrace the shadow side of yourself and love unconditionally — even if it scares you. 

-Most challenging for: Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will have a challenging time because they’re being forced to live outside their practical element and embrace your intuition. These zodiac signs prefer logic, which will be difficult for them to do. 

-Most beneficial for: The retrograde will be the most beneficial for water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), as it will add intuition and artistry into their vibe. They’ll become more aware and in touch with their emotions from the retrograde.

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Horoscopes for Neptune Retrograde in Pisces


Simply put, you were exhausted and burnt out. This means that you are going to have to stop overworking and taking on the insane amount of projects that you were used to doing. Cutting your workload in half will be hard, considering that you always have to be the top dog at the office. However, it will be beneficial to your emotional and mental psyche, it’s all is give you a chance to rest and relax (a sentiment that you aren’t used to).


A lot of your friends have let you down, proving that they aren’t your ride or dies. Although this may be devastating, at first, you will eventually begin to find their distance as a blessing in disguise. Being a loyal person that you are, means that there is no room for people who aren’t going to give her all to a friendship. Before you beg and plead for them to come back, remember that they are the ones who flaked on you and that you deserve better.


The proofral of your career is extremely confusing at this moment. You’re not finding joy in the work that you were doing, which is making you question what you truly want to do with your life. Before quitting your job and switching careers, try to explore different avenues at your current company. You may find that having options will allow you to slur different opportunities that will speak to you on the creative, laugh, all, as well as give you the professional challenge that you crave.


Right now, you once you quit all of your applications and activities in order to run away and join the circus. Normal life is bringing you down, pushing you to want an escape from the status quo. Instead of quitting everything that you are invested in on a whim, take some time to figure out what brings you pure joy. You may find that a class, extracurricular activity, a club, or organization of like minded people can bring you an extreme amount of joy at this moment.


At this moment in time, your intuition is heightened. However, that doesn’t mean that what the universe is telling you is completely corrupt. Instead of jumping to conclusions based on the downloads that you were receiving, try to meditate on the visions and do a form of divination in order to completely understand what you were seeing. Not only will this give you more clarity on situations, but it will also help you to comprehend yourself on a deeper level and allow you to get in tune with your spirit.


The drama factor in your love life is reaching an all time high — mostly because your on and off relationship is in question. Everyday brings up a whole new set of random and new emotions, urging you to haunt past relationships to gain clarity about where you’re going in the future with your current situationship. You don’t have to move backwards to know what you want in matters of the heart. The remedy is to not overthink and just feel your way through love. 


It may be hard for you to concentrate on your job at the moment, as the cosmos are wanting you to take an early retirement of sorts or not burn the midnight oil so hard. The answer to the problem is simple: make some time in your schedule to decompress and relax, in order to embrace the benefits of the good life that lies ahead of you. Bust is key now, making it an important factor over the weekends when you get a chance. 


You rarely allow yourself to embrace the creative side of your personality. This retrograde is a wonderful time to get back to the grassroots of your artistry. Let your talent shine on social media by posting glorious photos of your artwork. This will inspire and motivate people to do the same in your social sphere. However, others are willing and wanting to take a liking to unit work  people as embodies your intuition, enthusiasm, and emotion which speaks to the masses. 


You were always such a source of inspiration to others. Now, you are looking to be inspired and motivated to step up your spiritual game. You may have to call upon friends who are invested in, evolving their spirit, heart, and mind in order to find an activity that aligns with your schedule and routines. This will help you feel as though you were on the right path and gaining insight. Not only will your mind evolve, but your heart will expand and grow. 


Although you normally have no issues, asserting yourself, you Are finding that it’s hard to put the right words into play. Before trusting what others are saying without questioning their intentions s confronting those who have let you down, right out what your intentions are, and what you wish to communicate with them. This will give you a chance to gain clarity within relationships. Listen before you talk and have an open mind. Don’t let words stifle you now — use them as a creative outlet. 


Your confidence has been wavering for some time, making you question everything that you do. Use this retrograde as a time you re-acquaint yourself with you. Taking a moment to chill out as you throughout the process will allow you to take steps towards understanding your needs and desires. By the end of his transit, you will have a refined sense of self, as well as know the importance of lending compassion. Learning to love oneself will be the focal bcl point of this retrograde. 


You’re feeling as though you are living in a fog. The most important element of this transit is the lack of clarity you are having in your personal life. Take a step back from the world and think things through from an outside perspective to gain an understanding  of what’s going on. The only downfall is that your anxiety is high at this time,’making you feel like you can’t breathe at times — which is why activities such as yoga or meditation can help.