Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2024: Dates, Meaning, & Horoscopes

October 30, 2023

In 2024, Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on July 2 and stations direct on December 7.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2024: Pre & Post-Shadow Dates & Degrees

Neptune enters the pre-retrograde shadow on March 11, 2024, at (27° 08′) Pisces.

Neptune turns retrograde on July 2, 2024, at (29° 55′) Pisces.

Neptune stations direct on December 7, 2024, at (27° 08′) Pisces.

Neptune leaves the post-retrograde zone on March 28, 2025, at (29° 55′) Pisces.

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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Meaning

As one of the planets that are farthest from the sun, Neptune moves at a snail’s pace, only retrieving about two degrees when retrograde. Personally, having a natal planet caught in the crosshairs of this retrograde (between 25 and 29 of the mutable signs), we can experience the full spectrum of emotions. From delicious and rosy spiritual ecstasy to sad and unforgettable loss, Neptune rules it all. In the end, the Neptune lesson is always the same: love everyone and all you have, while you can. 

Collectively, this retrograde of Neptune will affect us greatly than in previous years. This is due to Neptune already being at 29 degrees (the critical degree) when starting its retrograde. Since 2012, Neptune has been swimming in Pisces, bringing from the opioid crisis to fake news, to the massive rise of consciousness and spirituality. Now, as Neptune prepares to leave Pisces, we can expect to see quick developments about these subjects, as well as the media. After all, the spreading of information to the masses is Neptune’s realm.

Luckily, as Neptune begins dissolving the structures that have sustained us since 2012, it will receive a huge helping hand from Uranus in Taurus, during its entire retrograde cycle. This six-month Uranus-Neptune sextile will accelerate the spiritual awakening the entire globe is experiencing, especially as traditional religions become obsolete and humanity deepens its interest in self-empowering and holistic practices.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces Key Dates

  • July 11-July 21: Neptune’s romantic vibes hit high as Venus and the Sun in Cancer and Mars in Taurus bring out its more positive side. These are fortunate days for dating and creating beautiful art. 
  • August 21: The rose-colored glasses come off as the sun, retrograde Mercury, and asteroid Vesta form a quincunx with Neptune. Today, prepare to see some hard truths.
  • August 28-September 25: Creativity is high as Venus, the sun, and Mercury form oppositions with Neptune. It will be key to keep our feet on the ground to avoid falling into illusion. 
  • October 20: Sun in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces: The relationships that are no longer in line with our highest good dissolve now as previously hidden information comes to light.
  • October 28: Mars in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces: A powerful aspect that inspires us to go after our dreams, especially if they have a creative component. Healing past hurts is also possible now.
  • November 9: Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune: Matters of the heart get distorted now, so it’s best to wait before making any major decisions about relationships but also money. Don’t believe everything you hear and keep a close eye on your wallet.
  • December 4: Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune: Our vitality takes a toll now, making this a day to rest, relax, and make art.

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Your 2024 Horoscope has vital information about how to harness Neptune’s powers!

Horoscopes for Neptune Retrograde in Pisces


Neptune’s influence has been major in helping you awake to the more subtle and mysterious realms of life. And has, more likely, been a huge catalyst for your sense of spirituality. Now, as Neptune goes retrograde, you will most likely feel more awake and alive. Your vivid dreams might take a break and you should require less sleep than normal. You will also realize which mystical practices were just for exploration, and which ones are bound to stay in your life.


Having Neptune travel through your friendship and community sector might have meant overly idealizing certain friendships or groups of people. As this hypnotizing planet loses in powers during retrograde motion, you will find out who your real friends are, as well as the truth behind certain group dynamics that you were not able to fully understand. The colorful and eclectic friends will continue to come, the difference is that you will be able to tune into their real intentions. 


Do you do what you truly love, Gemini? Since 2012, Neptune’s journey in your tenth house of career and public visibility has brought some doubts for sure. But as this planet sleeps for the second part of 2024, you could become aware of the real reasons behind your current job. In the case that you are unhappy, use this period to make the necessary moves, so you can begin a new between 2025 and 2026, which is when Neptune leaves this house for good!


For you, Cancer, Neptune’s journey in Pisces has been one of the most positive ones. Its glamorous and inspirational influence has most likely opened your eyes to the artistic or mystical side of life. As Neptune goes retrograde, you might feel like the pretty filter through which you have been seeing the world is slowly fading. Of course, this means you will have to work a little harder to find those little moments of magic. Meditation and visualization can help.


Brace yourself, Leo, because Neptune’s retrograde has some lessons around intimacy and ownership for you. Serious partnerships and relationships will be put under the microscope as you realize that some boundaries got blurry or even crossed during the first part of the year. Besides redrawing them, you might have to sit down to have serious conversations about where others end and where you begin. This will most likely happen around August 21, as your birthday season comes to an end. 


It’s okay to wake up, Virgo. Neptune’s influence has for sure cast a spell on some of your relationships, making them sweet and magical. However, as this planet’s powers diminish, you might run into a hard truth: these peeps are fascinating, but they are just human! Instead of playing the blame game, try figuring out if it was them (or you) who put those rose-colored glasses on. The truth might surprise you! 


For you, Libra, Neptune’s influence has been affecting your daily habits and the way you handle your workload. If confusion has reigned concerning your workplace this year, this should begin dissipating in the second part of 2024. It will be easier to figure out which deadlines are doable and which ones are not. And it will be easier not only to stick to your schedule but also to find a balance between your private and professional lives. 


Even old-school romance movies come to an end! Neptune’s journey in Pisces has inspired you to develop your creative skills, but also to fall in love with love, and not necessarily the person, Scorpio. If you’ve been dating recently, you might want to prepare for a wake-up call in the romance department. On the positive side, the last part of the year could help you realize how much you’ve learned about your creative process. 


Breathe a sign of relief, Sagittarius. Having Neptune parked in your fourth house of home and family is not an easy process. From confusion within your family or partnership dynamics to experiencing literal floods in your home, it almost feels like it never ends. You are almost there in this thirteen-long process! Harness this second part of 2024 to check and maintain house pipes, as well as having conversations about roles and boundaries. 


You will most likely love this retrograde, Capricorn. Master of illusion, Neptune, is currently parked in your third house of communication, blurring incoming and outgoing information. This, of course, is super annoying, whether it’s been happening at work or with your partner. Neptune’s retrograde means that you will be able to express more clearly, without having to worry about the other part hearing something totally different. The second part of the year would be great for applying for jobs, give presentations, and focus on anything that involves talking or writing. 


Since 2012, Neptune’s influence has meant dealing with issues around self-worth and doubt. Alternatively, it has brought a lot of confusion to your financial life, Aquarius. The good news is that you are at the tail end of this thirteen-long transit. As Neptune goes retrograde, it’s time to truly ask yourself if you are getting paid your worth, and if not, ask for more. It’s also a positive time to come up with a new budget that actually works and that you can stick to. 


The sensitizing effect that Neptune has on your body and aura will lift as the planet of magic goes retrograde. It will be easier to be around people and not take on their energy during these months. However, because of this planet’s hypnotic effect, this could also mean you realizing the truth about certain situations. While it might be hard to come back down to Earth, you can begin chasing your dreams with complete awareness of your current situation.