New Moon in Sagittarius: The Flame of Our Hearts

December 14, 2017

DECEMBER 17, 2017
10:30 PM PST

This new moon lies just before the winter solstice. This is the darkest week in the Northern Hemisphere—in just five days it will be winter solstice, and the sun will move into Capricorn.

The new moon falls on a Sunday, the day ruled by the sun, and it is in Sagittarius. The sun is also in Sagittarius. This is a great time to dream about all the places you’ll go—literally, philosophically, and magically. 

What you dream about, what you know you want, and what you wish for, already exists inside of you. With spell work and ritual, we create symbols to help energy to spring forth—for the universe to pick up and run with. We alchemize the internal with the external via energy, intention, and spirit.

At this time, begin to begin. Don’t just believe it, know it. Speak your truth. Bring forth what is already within you. Watch it take shape symbolically in front of you, signal to the universe, to the present, and the future. Show yourself you are ready. Invite the universe in to co-create with you. 

Below are some ways to honor this new moon in Sagittarius, the last new moon of the year. 

Count the miracles

The year has been a rough one for the collective, but through the darkness there were victories of all shapes and sizes. This new moon, on the fifth night of Hannukah, five days before solstice and the Yule, we can focus on the lights in the dark. We can remember the miracles. We can count all the miracles we can behold. 

Gather with a friend or group of friends. Light candles, eat comforting food together, and talk about all the miracles that happened this year. Miracles that got you through the dark. Talk about what miracles you excited about receiving in the coming months and in the coming year. Ask your friend or friends to also imagine these miracles vividly as you speak them, and in turn you will honor theirs with sending their dreams positive energy and affirmation. 

If you are feeling solitary, simply pour yourself a cup of tea, get cozy, and write down all the miracles that have occurred for you this year, in your life. Sometimes, even breathing is a miracle. Staying present is a miracle. Let the miracles unfurl and expand in your mind, like a stallion’s breath curling upwards through the cold night air as they run into the cosmos. 

Fire Magic for a Fire New Moon 

The element that corresponds with Sagittarius is fire. Sagittarius is an adaptable fire sign; generous and expansive, optimistic and philosophical, the archer gallops where ever they’d like! You can connect with this exciting energy at this time. 

Fire magic is perfect for a new moon in Sagittarius. Light a candle—or two or three or four—and meditate on what you’d like to expand out into. (If you aren’t allowed to have fire at your home, simply light a string of lights around your altar. Place the target of your dreams as high as you can muster, so this burning energy will rise up to meet it.

Spells favored at this time when the moon is new in Sagittarius, on a Sunday, are: travel of any kind, higher purpose, luck and fortune, friendship, fun, and education and philosophy.

Expand your desires out as wide as you can imagine, and with it, your consciousness. As the candles burn, as the lights twinkle, imagine the seeds you are planting beginning to take root in the energy of your subconscious. Have your intentions in the coming weeks align your actions, tending to brilliant new ways of thinking and patterns of being. 

Fire magic is also very appropriate for this time of year, with the solstice and Yule just around the corner. Yule is typically honored with a special “yule log” burning at a fireplace, or a bonfire. Yule honors the sun: the great fireball. It welcomes the return of the light, rebirth, and renewal. 

Stones & crystals that help stoke energy and higher alignment: carnelian, spirit quartz, lemon calcite, tiger eye.

Make Fire Cider

This is the time of year where our immune systems run the risk of breaking down. We need to take the extra time to nourish our bodies during the cold winter months. We can take baths, steam our faces, drink loads of tea and lemon water.

A wonderful remedy for a weakened immune system is fire cider.

Symbolically, making fire cider around this new Fire Moon makes complete sense. Creating a magical concoction to keep your magical body and fiery desires going through the coming winter months is a perfect way to honor the flames of your heart. 

There are many recipes floating around for fire cider—there is no originator for this medicine, as it is a folk tradition. I like Rosemary Gladstar’s recipe; here’s a link to her preparing it. 

New Moon Tarot Spread

The card that corresponds with Sagittarius is number 14: Temperance.

Temperance is the great alchemist—the angel shown in the traditional card takes essences from all of the elements to help aid her focus into creating the impossible. In this card, liquid is flowing upward. This card reminds us that magic is made of many parts. The word temperance stems from the root tempor; which means “time.” This card speaks of time periods of transformation and expansion. This reminds us that our magic is born out of many mixtures. You may wish to meditate with this card. You may wish to ask yourself: what fresh new mixtures am I ready to activate in my own life?

Before this Tarot spread, turn away from all distractions. Get comfortable. Meditating beforehand is encouraged. 

Get comfortable. Pull the Temperance card out and put it in the center of the surface you are reading. Shuffle the cards very throughly. 

1. Ask: What must I release fully at this new moon? Pull one card out and put it to the left and below temperance. 

2. Ask: What is ready to meet me? After I’ve begun the process of release, what can I expect to enter my life? What does another perspective offer me? Pull one card and place it to the right of card 1.

3. Ask: What is my manifesting super power at this new moon time? Pull one card and place it to the left and above card 1. 

4. Ask: what recommended actions are supported for me at this time? What can I do to activate my goals? Pull one card and place it to the right and above card 2. 

5. Ask: What dreams does this new moon want me galloping towards? Pull one card and place it above Temperance. You may wish to pull one or two clarifying cards to place above this card, for even more guidance.

Sit with these cards for a couple of days. Journal about them. Write down practical steps you can take towards embodying the magic inside you.

Happy New Moon!