New Moon in Scorpio: Spells for Surrender

November 17, 2017

new moon 
26 degrees Scorpio
6:42am, Nov. 18th, 2017

Welcome to a new moon weekend! The nights are longer, we’ve begun settling into the rhythm of more quietude, more time in the dark. We are adjusting to daylight savings time and to the coziness of Autumn. 

Release and Rebuild

This new moon is in the sweet, spicy, seductive sign of Scorpio: an archetype of sex, death, creation, transformation, and rebirth. There’s an intensity there, a deepening into the darkness. Psychic hits come from time spent in the unknown and intangible. Scorpio is the great regenerator; knowing that death is an integral, rich aspect of life.

We die many times before our body dies. How we handle this change speaks to how valuably we view the processes of waning and waxing, of release and rebuilding. We can utilize the lessons of pain, of release, and of loss, if we allow ourselves to deeply process them. We can transform stagnant energy into movement and negative habits into positive patterns so long as our consciousness, subconscious, and will are in alignment. 

Freaky, Flawed, and Fabulous

New moons typically begin new cycles. Since our hemisphere will be in the dark for quite some time, we may wish this cycle to be more internal. More secretive. More underground, underworldly. We may wish to receive more information via dreams, meditations, automatic journalling or art making. The more we surrender, the more messages may come in. 

We may need to do some behind-the-scenes work for the next few months before we are ready to unfurl new flags publicly. There may be more healing, more quietude to commit to. The focus at this time could be on the discipline that conscious change requires. There could be a summoning of self-trust and an aspect of surrender. This new moon could ask us to deepen our doorways to ourselves. The freaky, flawed, and fabulous aspects alike.

At this new moon, examine your reserves. If they are depleted, be sure to fill them. If it is time for you to call in helpers in the form of therapists, friends, spirits, or animal guides, do so. 

Swimming in the dark

Swimming in the unknown for a while might be what your soul needs at this new moon. This could be a time to do a spell to summon the strength to surrender. To reinstate your desire for some forms of mysteries. To see the unknown not as a challenge, not as scary, but as a way to get closer to visceral experience, to life. We can prime ourselves for outcomes we wish to come to fruition in the Spring. We may examine how we need to transform certain energies in our lives for the sake of regeneration in the months to come. 

Journaling questions:

What emotions have been intensely coming up recently?
Have you been honoring these feelings?
How are they a guidepost?
What must you do to regenerate?
What armor must you sacrifice to let your dreams in more?
What must you create at this time? 

Meditation Companions: 

Crystals: obsidian, jet, labadorite, petrified wood, garnet
Cards: Death, the Tower, the High Priestess, Judgement 

Suggested activities:

making a creative collage, talisman, or other sign of transmutation, beginning the first brainstorming stages of an important creative project, having sex, caring for your body, massage or reflexology, astral projection, guided meditations, hypnotherapy, or breath work.

A Tarot Spread for the November New Moon

1. Find yourself in a comfortable position. You may wish to have a journal and pen with you. 

2. Pull out, in this order: the Moon card, The High Priestess, Death, The Tower, and the Judgement Cards

3. Shuffle the rest of the deck for as long as feels right. 

4. Ask yourself: what theme is coming up for me at this new moon?

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the Moon card. 

5. Ask yourself: what does my intuition need from me to get more helpful information?

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the High Priestess card. 

6. Ask yourself: what energy or patterns need to die, or be transformed at this time? Where do I need to let go? 

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the Death card. 

7. Ask yourself: what is more truth about this matter? What is making my ego or limiting beliefs resistant to this change? 

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the Tower card. 

8. Ask yourself: What will this healing garner me? What culminations or successes can I hope for if I surrender?

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the Judgement card. 

9. Ask yourself: What might this rebirth eventually look like? What part of myself must I fully embody to help the shifts take place? 

Pull a card and place it to the side, or on top of all the cards.

You may wish to journal or write a lot about what hopes and fears, spells and surrenders some of these images and archetypes mean for you. 

You may wish to use one of these cards in spell work or meditation work over the next few days. 

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