These Crystals Will Help You Deal With November's Craziness

October 31, 2018

Our monthly Crystalscopes pair each zodiac sign with a crystal whose energies can support us through the coming month’s transits.

Read these for your sun, moon, and rising signs to learn what you should wear, carry, or place on an altar to help boost your specific astrology for the month.

But, first thing’s first: What’s up this month?

Click here or exact dates for all October 2018  transits.

We have a new moon in Scorpio on November 7, as Mercury in Sagittarius slows down and prepares to go retro. Venus is still retrograde, shimmering in Libran grace and glory, and this intense vibe encourages us to follow through with the powerful and potent lessons we learned about our sex lives and relationships in October’s last couple of weeks.

On November 9, Jupiter conjuncts a supremely activating waxing crescent moon and celebrates his homecoming to his natural sign of Sagittarius after spending over a year in the Scorpionic depths. If you want to throw a party, make it today!

Mars finally departs lofty, humanitarian Aquarius and splashes into dreamy, intuitive Pisces on November 16. Mars in Pisces is gentled, cooled, inspired. Artistic endeavors are plentiful and ideas ooze from the woodwork. Spiritual devotion and brotherly love can abound during these cycles, but be careful not to overdo it with holiday indulgences, especially intoxicants.

November 17, Mercury switches shifts with Venus in the retrograde pattern. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius will bring up a lot of philosophical reevaluations and examinations of our collective belief systems, and Venus direct encourages us to grab hold of what we know to be right and not let go. 

Finally, we cap it off with a full moon in Gemini on November 22: a vivacious, flirtatious, but slightly confusing lunar energy that (especially combined with Mercury Rx) could lead to some convoluted emotional interactions. Focus on keeping your head on straight and not losing your cool.

Read on for the crystals that may be able to support you the most in this work this month!



Peruvian blue opal

Aries enjoys a bit of a reprieve this month – maybe things are starting to make more sense? Perhaps the Sagittarian fire crackling around the edges of the collective star chart feels more familiar than the relentless Scorpio gloom and secrecy?

Aries has probably been doing quite a bit of character work and maybe coming up with some challenging or disillusioning results. Peruvian blue opal (or any other “rock opal” variety in the blue color fam) will bring a cooling, centering, rejuvenating energy that is necessary for keeping Aries’ spirits up and your attentions focused on personal growth.



After an exhausting but exhilarating Taurus full moon in October, including a dicey, shuddering conjunction with Uranus (not to mention all of the Scorpio oppositions), Taurus is probably all tuckered out and maybe on the grumpy side. There has been so much power uncovered and Taurus just needs a little boost to keep the party going.
Topaz can serve as a battery and a truth-oriented touchstone for Taurus this month. If you have topaz earrings, wear them! Topaz’s centuries-long association with the truth will assist Taurus in sorting what you’re hearing into true/false categories.


Green garnet

Live it up, Gemini! The energy has started to flow a little bit more favorably in your direction, and this month the moon is yours! Gemini full moon is known to stir the pot, socially, but what Gemini hasn’t participated or at least cheerfully observed some sort of social shenanigans unfolding. Gemini has a great love for the story and its deeper meaning, and often revels in the telling. But it is crucial to be cautious!

This month, green garnet is a great pocket stone for Gemini, a constant companion and reminder. It has a kindness-enhancing vibe that can help keep information-sharing from devolving into gossip, critique from devolving into meanness, and hurt feelings from devolving into resentment.

With Mercury retrograde opposing your natal sun, Gemini might need a gentle reminder to “treat everyone you meet as if they were god in drag.”


Snowflake obsidian

Best to get a leg up on the impending Capricorn season, Cancer. There’s a feeling of pervasive apprehension, heightened anxiety, nervous tension. A need to examine and prepare. It is a great opportunity for absorbing new knowledge about oneself, but only if we can cut through the chatter and static of paranoia and fearfulness.

Snowflake obsidian is not a gentle energy – this stone has a reputation for being a bit of a hard-ass. But it is a teacher, a firm hand, a protector, emulating Saturnian qualities.

Saturn in Capricorn has been rough on Cancerians (to be fair, perhaps rough on everyone). But there’s hope, and that hope can be found in leaning in, not shying away. Snowflake obsidian, especially employed as a worry stone, can help us do just that.



Down, kitty! Leo’s temper runs a risk of flaring this month, and it could lead to serious consequences. All of this fixed sign energy in 2018 may have proven to be a bit much for the lion’s pride, and there’s a temptation toward scorched earth policies.

Hematite is ruled by Mars, the planet of angers, ambitions and public image. Employ hematite this month, Leo, especially as a bracelet, to keep from regrettably detonating friendships, projects, and ambitions.



Virgo seems to fly under the radar this month, at least publicly. There’s a distinct sense that there’s more going on behind-the-scenes than meets the eye: a simmering slow burn. One thinks of Hermione Granger with her magical device that stops time, allowing her more opportunities to study. Virgo has been on this tip for awhile now, developing new skills and strategies in semi-secret. More of this will likely be revealed in Pisces season, but for now the education continues.

Amber, actually a pseudo-mineral, is fossilized tree sap, often bearing extraordinary gifts trapped inside: a moth wing, a fly, a leaf. Virgo can vibe with this time-traveling, wisdom-bearing healing energy this month. Wearing amber while studying, doing research or conducting ceremony may be particularly significant.



Venus stomps all over Libra in stilettos at the beginning of the month, and whether you like that sort of thing or not, there are probably some bruises that require a little tending.

Marble is often utilized in art and architecture but can be overlooked by crystal energy enthusiasts. However, nothing quite beats marble for providing a soothing and revivifying energy that also promotes a sense of personal nobility, or what the Greeks called “philatutia,” or,  empathy for the self.

If you can find a tumbled piece or small chunk, carry a bit of marble around with you this month. If you can’t find something suitably petite, wrap your arms around a statue of a god – we’re sure you’ll look flawless doing so.



The phoenix has risen from the ashes once again and Scorpio is reborn. A frenzied and fiery Scorpio season, not to mention Jupiter’s long transit through your sign, has scorpions feeling born anew. Perhaps some adjustments have been made to how you wish to be seen, perceived, held by the world?

Chalcedony can help new and hard-won habits stick. Chalcedony is a fine variety of agate that was used for centuries in the ancient Mediterranean to carve seals and cameos. It carries a regal, respectable energy and magnetizes wealth and high regard. Try keeping a piece on an altar and focusing on expanding your ethics and reputation.


Lapis lazuli

Happy birthday, November archers!

Sagittarius receives a sudden energetic boost and many opening doors with Jupiter’s transit and the sun’s arrival roughly a fortnight thereafter. Opportunities abound! New friendships and relationships beckon! There are a thousand paths to choose from! (But beware FOMO, archers, as there are only so many hours in a day and years in a lifetime).

Lapis lazuli helps attain serenity while answering a million phone calls, aids in facilitating good graces and positive leadership, helps us to understand how our current path is (or is not) in alignment with our fate. Lapis is gorgeous gold-flecked blue, mirroring the expanse of the heavens. This certainly is the time to reach for the stars, but only with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Lapis lazuli is a godsend to Sagittarians always, but especially this month.


Tiger’s eye

Recovering from October’s busy session of planets in Libra squaring Capricorn, now there’s room to breathe, opportunity to grow, a place to expand. But into what?

Discernment is still very much up for Capricorns, though less tinted by suspicion than last month. Now we’re asking for an opportunity to see through the fog in order to find what is dearest to us and most necessary for our future. Tiger’s eye has long been associated with wisdom and discernment, mimicking as it does the luminous orb of wise big cat eyes.

Be a careful hunter, Capricorn, and carry tiger’s eye with you wherever you go.



Aquarius has entered into a reflective period with all of Scorpio’s toil and trouble, and some of the revelations may be quite uncomfortable. There are a lot of old wounds being poked at, ancient secrets being exhumed. Aquarius is wrangling with the past, and perhaps carrying some measure of regret or dismay.

Turquoise, benevolent and friendly and amplified by peppy Sagittarian energies, can boost Aquarius’ ability to be diplomatic, constructive, and generous toward oneself, which is just what the doctor ordered this month to help balance any uneasiness or shame that may be stirred up in Aquarius by Scorpio’s shuffling about. Cultivating a relationship with a turquoise talisman has seen many an Aquarian through a night of overcoming social withdrawal.


Yellow apatite

Once Jupiter hopscotches into Sagittarius, all of the mutable signs get a jolt of unexpected energy. Pisces especially can feel both excited and fried this month. There’s a bit of bipolarity in the fishes always, one swimming one way and one the other, but this month the push-pull is just plain silly.

Yellow apatite can embolden, bring good cheer, and help stabilize all at the same time, and it helps Pisces avoid extremity or burnouts. Try holding a piece in your hands while meditating for five minutes a day. It will do a world of difference just to give yourself that space and time!