November Astrology Forecast: Choosing Yes by Deciding What Is a Firm No!

October 21, 2023

Beginning just four days after the last eclipse of 2023, November is a decisive month concerning the integration of the challenges and changes brought by eclipse season. While important shifts will continue to occur this month, they will have a very different flavor, while also providing opportunities for beginning to grow in a new direction!  

But in order to begin walking these new paths, we will have to practice great discernment. Leslie Tagorda, brand astrologer and the creator of Star Powered affirms November’s astro-vibe is all about choosing “Yes” by deciding what is a firm “No.” “The duality of Scorpio season to minimize and Sagittarius energy to maximize is balanced by Saturn in Pisces’s gatekeeping. Be grateful for this watchman, because Saturn turns away all the overdo-it, over-think, over-create, and over-commit energy of the sign of the Archer as Mercury, the Sun, and Mars enter this sign,” she adds. While many of us tend to be afraid of Saturn’s contractive influence, Leslie thinks the ringed planet will help us “integrate and focus on what is just right for us and our soul’s purpose this November.”

Saturn & Neptune in Pisces: Hard Work & Compassion

At the top of the month, Saturn stations direct on November 4 after being retrograde since June 17. According to Leslie, the fact that Saturn will stand still at zero degrees (the anaretic degree) of Pisces almost all month can energetically feel like a pressure cooker! Since its retrograde started, “Saturn has been strategizing and restructuring our flow and crystallizing our intuitive expertise. If we’ve truly worked with this energy in the last few months, we’ve gained clarity in trusting our spidey sense and intuition. Now that Saturn is moving forward, we are working at a higher consciousness, because we’ve turned on, tuned in, and mastered our intuitive gifts so that we can operate with more ease and flow,” she adds. 

And while standstill Saturn could at times feel like we’re being frozen while running towards our end-of-year goals, the harmonizing trines the planets in Scorpio will form with Neptune, also in Pisces, will be a huge help! Creative inspiration will be available to us all month—all we need to unfreeze ourselves is access feelings of oneness and compassion. Neptune will be positively activated by other planets on November 5, November 6, November 13, November 16, and November 17.

Jupiter in Taurus: Lucky Breaks

A busy month, November also features the activation of two other major planetary forces: Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. While these planets are not yet conjunct, they will unite forces in the Spring of 2024! This Scorpio season, we could begin getting hints of what this rare conjunction will bring. If you have any planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius), begin taking notes! 

Some astrologers believe that while oppositions are intense, those involving the benefic planet Jupiter are actually positive. The November 2 opposition between the Sun in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus is the aspect that Leslie is most excited about! “Jupiter is in its full moon phase sitting across the Scorpio Sun. When looking east after sunset, Jupiter lights up the night sky all month! Energetically, Jupiter asks us to decide to savor all the small moments, the still moments, the moments in which we can truly find ourselves,” she adds. During the first days of November, Leslie recommends not rushing around or overworking ourselves so we can fully bask in Jupiter’s grand Taurean abundance and pleasure! 

A Uranian New Moon in Scorpio: Taking Big Risks

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive a gift or blessing at the beginning of the month, do leave some room for play in your acceptance speech. Uranus—the planet of surprises and freedom—will be activated all month. This means that in order to set off on new paths, we will need to be willing to shift and change our perspectives and approach. Uranus’ influence will be activated during the first half of the month, reaching climax during this month’s new moon in Scorpio. 

Arriving on November 13 at 1:27 a.m. Pacific Time, this new moon features a total of four planetary bodies in Scorpio, opposing Uranus. This is the first lunation after eclipse season, and so we are now bound to really feel how our lives and priorities have shifted since early September. Planting the seeds of intention now feels right, but we must do it in a way that leaves room for creative, radical shifts. Ask yourself: How can my work truly stand out, while also having a true impact on my community? Stay the course on these goals, as you could really see them evolve at a rapid speed and culminate by the time the full moon in Scorpio arrives, on April 23, 2024.

Sagittarius Season & Full Moon in Gemini: Differences of Opinions

The season of the witch comes to an end on November 22, when the sun enters the sign of the Archer. Normally a fun and festive time, Sagittarius season 2023 will be very different due to Saturn’s current journey in Pisces. Instead of accepting those party invitations, some of us might decide to stay home to work on those lofty goals and launches for 2024. 

The month comes to a close with the full moon in Gemini, rising in the skies on November 27 at 1:16 a.m. Pacific Time. Forming a mutable Grand cross between the moon in Gemini, the sun and Mars in Sagittarius, Saturn in Pisces, and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, this full moon is intense! Both collectively and personally, we will have to juggle situations full of contradictions, needing to find a middle ground between many differences of opinions.

As we move into December, the sky sends the clear message that if we’re going to build a better future together, we must open our minds to accept what others have to say. In the end, these are the highest vibration teachings of all mutable signs. Are you ready to let other people’s perspectives in?