Once in a Blue Moon: Get Ready for the Full Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

January 29, 2018

5:28am (PST)

The moon is passing through the earth’s shadow in the early hours of January 31, (PST). If you live in North America or the Hawaiian Islands, this total eclipse will occur in the sky before sunrise. If you live in the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, or New Zealand, this eclipse will occur in the evening hours after sunset. 


In general, blue moons appear every few years. The last time we had a blue moon month, it was July of 2015. The next time we have a blue moon, it will be in 2020. 

The last time we had two blue moons in a single year was in 1999, 19 years ago. The next time we will have a year that has two blue moons will be 2037… 19 years from now. 

It is very rare to have a blue moon lunar eclipse. The last time our planet had a blue moon total lunar eclipse was December 30, 1982. Use this time wisely. Use your energy wisely. 

This blue moon eclipse falls on a Wednesday, a day traditionally ruled by the messenger Mercury, ruler of communication, thoughts, and movement. It is time to track where we’ve been and synch-up with the expansive spirals of the cosmos. It is time to embody where we are, and who we are, now. 

We are walking sacks of water. The moon—and the sun, but mostly the moon—controls the tides. 

This is the second full moon in 30 days. Feelings could be coming up, turgid, churning sensations taking up space in your energy field.

Drink more water and tea than you think you can. Rest and float in water. Let tears wash away pain. This time can be an almost total eclipse of the heart, if you will. Be conscious of your consciousness, your subconscious, and your emotions. 


Our moon is in Leo, with the sun in Aquarius. When the moon is in Leo and the sun is in Aquarius, we have the archetypal contrast of the self and the collective.

This time can highlight our inner strength and reserves of confidence, and can ask us to examine how they relate to the bigger picture of our communities and being of service to something much greater than ourselves—movements, ideologies, family constellations, justice, equality, and innovations. 

Leo, ruled by the sun, rules the heart. The word courage, derived from the Latin cor, means heart. We have more power when we are heart-centered. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules the circulatory system.

The more aligned a heart is, the more powerfully it carries its messages through the various systems and channels. The blood is channeled freely, benefiting the whole. 

The Leo archetype is of the self and the stage, of needing to be seen, of needing to be loved. The Aquarius archetype is one of being of service to the greater collective, to humanity, and to ideals — of being inventive and innovative.

These themes might be coming up for you, how you need to be seen, how you need to honor your heart, and how this, in turn, is serving the collective. 

The Tarot cards associated with this astrology are the Strength card, which correlates to Leo, and the Star, which correlates to Aquarius. Hope and the heart, empowered compassion, and healing on an expansive level.

This is fire and air. Passion and the intellect. Love and clarity. You may feel ignited at this time to use your voice, use your ideas, to set something exciting into motion. 

Or, you might feel inclined to burn it all down. Burn down the false thoughts, the unhelpful voices, the ways in which you sell yourself short. 

We don’t have to do everything all at once. We don’t have to do everything all alone. 

This full moon would be a good time to remind yourself of where reaching out for help is needed. This full moon could be a good time to think more deeply about where you might need to be of service to the greater collective and to this planet. 


Eclipses are about beginnings and endings.

Lunar eclipses, from an astrological perspective, have to do with transforming internal patterns and processes. The shadow of the earth moving across the screen of the moon highlights our own shadows more starkly. This can be a messenger, bringing deeply needed endings. 

Eclipses are portals, like cosmic sliding doors. If it is time to break patterns around self-hatred and self-loathing, or other emotional stickiness, this is the moon to do it. If it is time for you to shine in brighter ways than ever before, put your focus there.

Pay attention to what messages are coming up for you around this time—especially internal ones:

What do you need to end?
How might this be related to the new moon total eclipse that happened in August?
What events have taken place in the past six months?
What patterns can you map in the spiral expanse of your experience? 

Because lunar eclipses can be about breaking patterns, if you feel called to, this could be the time to break long-standing patterns. Patterns that travel far backwards, in your DNA, familial patterns around recognition, being loved, being of service, of belonging. 

If your intentions are to break a pattern, begin by simply practicing doing the opposite of what it is you no longer want. Give your heart, your mind, and your nervous system encouraging feedback in the form of space, affirmations, journaling, and breath. 

Trust this process and know that the positive changes we make in our heart’s healing ripple outward into the collective. Trust that everything starts in the present, no matter how challenging the present may be. Pay attention to what is ending, so that something else may begin. 


If you are a magical practitioner, this is a full moon for making amazing magic! 

How do we get extraordinary results? By doing extraordinary things. By thinking extraordinary thoughts. By surrounding ourselves with extraordinary inspirations. 

During this week, during this full blue lunar eclipse, be sure to think, feel, create, say, and listen to the extraordinary. Plan a moment, an hour, a day to do something memorable. If nothing else, life is for living, for making memories. Let this eclipse remind you of this. 

The suggestion is to create something as rare and unique as this moon. 

Some suggestions could be:

Drive out to the water to moon gaze and write her a poem.
Create tonics and tinctures to charge under the moonlight.
Do something that reflects feelings of self-love and abundance.

Try something your heart has always wanted, but you’ve held yourself back from experiencing. Try listening to your intuition and embarking on something deeply nourishing: a feeling your heart has wanted for ages. Let yourself have it, enjoy it, and drink it in, to fill you up. 

From a magical perspective, this blue moon lunar eclipse in Leo is it. Lit. Up. Aflame with delight and wonder; full with the promise of heart’s desires. This is your chance, a time and place to dream massively and cast a spell like no other. 

This is also a time to charge your crystals and consecrate Tarot decks and other magical tools you use frequently—including yourself! If you do nothing else, take time on this full blue moon lunar eclipse to write down at least one and up to three very thrilling, hugely majestic desires. Light a candle for them, slide them into the flame, shoot those dreams upward and bask in the energy of this eclipse moving them forward. This unique moon is a gift to be used for the greatest good: just like you. 

This very rare full blue moon lunar eclipse must be treated as a gift. A glittering, celestial diamond, imperfect with
precious shadow. An offering of our magic to our hearts and to the collective. 

May this full blue moon lunar eclipse reveal your heart’s desires to you in more truthful and tangible ways. May it lead you to your own heart-centered practice for the larger picture. May you set greater, golden standards for yourself and the alignment of your courageous heart — and for the collective. 

Happy full blue moon and lunar eclipse! 


What does my heart want and need at this time?
How will my healing serve the collective?
Where do I see the collective, or my community, needing help right now?
What are some ways I can help the collective?


The Sun 
The Moon
The Star

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