Patchouli: Not Just for Hippies

April 2, 2018

Today, Mars in Capricorn conjoins Saturn in Capricorn.

While Mars and Saturn are working together in Capricorn, your manifestation skills might be amped up. Both planets are about how we take action, and Capricorn is about staying true to reality and conserving energy for what’s important. You might feel a push to move forward, but to do so in ways that are beneficial in the long term, be sure to consider the consequences.

It’s about creating reality with purpose, and patchouli can help refine and amplify your intentions.

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You might associate patchouli’s musky, earthy scent with head shops and tie-dyed shirts, but it is actually a part of the mint family. So, while patchouli has a vibe of slow earthiness, it also has the active clarity we associate with mint because it acts as a stimulant for the nervous system.

Because of this, patchouli can be good for pushing us to act but in a deep and considered way. It uplifts our mood while at the same time deepening our spiritual connection.

Most commonly found in oils and incense, patchouli has the power to connect our spiritual self with our physical self.

The essential oil can be used for its fragrance, or it can be applied to the skin for the healing of wounds, scars, or inflammation. It can also be taken internally. Adding just a couple of drops of patchouli oil to your drinking water can help all parts of the digestive system. Using the oil in aromatherapy can help to calm, center, and clear negativity. The oil can also be used as a bug repellent. The leaves were historically used for this, but patchouli leaves might be hard to come by unless you have your own plant.

The plant is associated with earth energy, so it can be used for attracting abundance, whether in money, love, or fertility.

Use the oil or incense with intention as you call in your wish, and remember that you are an important factor in shaping your reality.

Grounding Elements Pro-Tip: Add a couple drops of this patchouli essential oil to some food-grade coconut oil for a delicious-smelling moisturizer.