Pluto in Aquarius: The Dawn of a New Era

February 9, 2024

For the past couple of years there has been a lot of talk about the “Age of Aquarius” and Pluto moving into Aquarius, but for good reason. We will refer to Pluto as a planet (more on this later), and whenever outer planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn & Jupiter) move into a new zodiac sign, there is a significant energy shift that affects us all.

The Age of Aquarius

To explain the Age of Aquarius, let’s start with some astrological history. Astrology is an ancient subject and thousands of years ago when the foundational concepts of astrology were formed, the constellations and the zodiac signs were one in the same. But because of the precession of the Earth, or tilt in position as it spins through the solar system, the vernal equinox (point where the path of the sun crosses the celestial equator) now occurs in a different constellation. The equinoxes slowly travel backwards through all of the constellations. It takes about 2,150 years for the equinoxes to move through one zodiac sign and about 25,820  years for the equinoxes to move through the entire zodiac. The period of 2,150 years is referred to as an “Age” and for the past two thousand years or so, we were in the age of Pisces. Many astrologers have different opinions about when the Age of Aquarius officially began, but now that we have experienced Saturn’s move into Aquarius in 2020, Jupiter in Aquarius in 2021, and now Pluto’s move into Aquarius January 2024, it is safe to say we are living in very “Aquarian” times.  

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the western zodiac represented by the Water Bearer. The Water Bearer represents a flow to humanity and gives equally to all. As an air sign, Aquarius is connected to thoughts, communication and connection to others. But as a fixed sign (the others are Taurus, Leo and Scorpio), Aquarius energy can be less flexible than the other two air signs, Gemini and Libra. Aquarius’ traditional planetary ruler Saturn, gives it a pragmatic energy, while its modern ruler Uranus, is where the attributes of innovation and genius project onto this unique zodiac archetype. If we take into account both the Saturn and Uranus rulership of Aquarius, the Aquarian Age will be a time of both rapid innovation and restructuring that greatly affects humanity. Because of Aquarius’ fixed nature, the changes may come with some resistance, but whatever happens over the course of this age, will likely stick for a long time.

According to Astrologer Astro Krys of CodaQueen Astrology, “Pluto in Aquarius signals a transformative period of innovation and social reform. It especially challenges those with Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo placements to pioneer change. We’re entering a time where embracing community, diversity, and technology becomes crucial for collective growth and empowerment. A new era of unity for the collective.“

Pluto Has Entered the Chat

Astrologers refer to celestial bodies as planets (even the sun and moon), but we recognize that Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006. However, Pluto still packs a powerful punch, and this has been the case since it was discovered in 1930. Pluto was named after the Roman god of the underworld and represents deep transformative change and metamorphosis. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and is connected to power and magnetism. Wherever Pluto is located in your birth chart shows where you metaphorically die and are rebirthed, primarily when Pluto is aspected by a planetary transit. 

Pluto takes 248 days to travel around the sun and spends approximately 12 to 30 years in one zodiac sign. Pluto entered Aquarius on January 20, 2024 where it will stay until September 1st. It will shortly move back into Capricorn until November 18th and head back into Aquarius until 2043/2044. Aquarius is connected to the collective, so Pluto in Aquarius is a time of deep, transformative change to humanity as a whole.

According to Astrologer Natalie Holbrook, “With this shift of life-destroying and giving Pluto from patriarchal Capricorn into eccentric, freedom fighting Aquarius, we can expect the themes once considered Jetson dreams and out of this world to become a norm. It’s a time of even greater rising for the digital gurus, creators of connection and champions of advocacy.” 

Pluto energy is not soft, but is necessary. The changes we see will be slow but profound. This is a time where group efforts will outweigh those of the individual. There will be a shift in power dynamics across the globe and the technological advancements we will see may currently be unfathomable. We can look to history to see what effect Pluto may have on society while it is in Aquarius. 

Pluto Through The Years 

  • Aries: 1822/23-1851/53 – Great pioneering westward trek in America 
  • Taurus: 1851/53-1882/84 –  American Civil War over Slavery 
  • Gemini: 1882/84-1912/14 – Newspaper Era, Invention of the Airplane & Automobile 
  • Cancer: 1912/14-1937/39 – Family dynamic changes & loss during WWI 
  • Leo: 1937/39-1956/58 – WWII, United Nations Formed 
  • Virgo: 1956/58-1971/72 – Civil Rights Era, Vietnam War 
  • Libra: 1971/72-1983/84 – Restoring balance of power after Watergate, Equal Rights Amendment 
  • Scorpio: 1983/84-1995 – Rise of Drug Trade, AIDS Epidemic 
  • Sagittarius: 1995-2008 – Information Age, Rise of Global Connection through the Internet 
  • Capricorn: 2009-2024 – Great Recession, #MeToo Movement, Rise & Fall of Large Organizations 
  • Aquarius: 2024-2043/44 – Huge technological advances, changes to humanity overall 
  • Pisces: 2044-2067 – The completion of a Pluto cycle. Will humans have evolved to a higher spiritual plane?…..

Use the Power of Pluto In Aquarius

Astrology is a powerful tool when used productively and as a guide for self mastery and development. Pluto in Aquarius may seem larger than life, but if we trust the cycles of the universe, this is another one that will help us advance as a society. The house that Pluto is transiting in your natal chart, is where you will experience a metamorphosis of some sort over the next 20 years. This is a time to be open-minded (Aquarius), and step into your own personal power (Pluto). Below is the area of life where Pluto will transit based on your sun or rising sign.

  • Aries sun/rising – Friends, network, hopes and wishes
  • Taurus sun/rising – Career, reputation
  • Gemini sun/rising – Travel, higher education, spirituality
  • Cancer sun/rising – Resources with others, occult subjects, sex
  • Leo sun/rising – Romantic and platonic relationships and partnerships
  • Virgo sun/rising – Daily routine, work, health
  • Libra sun/rising – Creativity, children, self-expression
  • Scorpio sun/rising – Home, family, ancestry
  • Sagittarius sun/rising – Communication, short-distance travel, siblings, & distant relatives
  • Capricorn sun/rising – Finances, material wealth, self-worth
  • Aquarius sun/rising – Self, personality, physical body
  • Pisces sun/rising – Subconscious, karma, unseen forces

The best thing to do when an important astrological transit occurs is to flow with the energy of the planet and zodiac sign, and master it. Be proactive about how you want to embody Pluto in Aquarius energy not only for yourself, but for others. 

Astrologer Patty Kamson’s take on Pluto in Aquarius, “We’re talking about an awakening – a collective realization that we’re all connected, not just to each other, but to every corner of the universe. Every thought, every action, contributes to the fabric of our shared reality. It’s about recognizing the invisible threads of our collective consciousness and understanding our role in the grand tapestry of existence.”

One thing’s for sure, the way we view the world and humanity will have completely shifted  twenty years from now when Pluto moves into Pisces. Let us do the work now to ensure that we protect the physical and spiritual vibration of our planet for generations to come.