SAGITTARIUS SEASON: Using the Zodiac to Live an Authentic Life

November 22, 2017

Welcome to Sagittarius Season!

During the Season of the Centaur, we are asked to understand our pursuit of knowledge, our ability to be honest with ourselves, our relationship to optimism, and the practice of authenticity.

Knowledge. Honesty. Optimism. Authenticity. This is our focus right now.

The famed Dr. Brene Brown, herself a Sagittarius rising and master of finding those self-evident (yet often so elusive) truths, wrote the ultimate guidebook for Sag season in 2010, titled The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.

In it, she defined authenticity as a sort of amalgam of all these terms, writing, “authenticity is cultivating the courage to be imperfect and allow ourselves to be vulnerable… knowing that we are all made of strength and struggle, and nurturing the connection and sense of belonging that can only happen when we believe that we are enough.”

This Sagittarius season, let’s all truly commit to Dr. Brown’s definition as a touchstone for how to achieve authenticity in our lives. From November 22 to December 21, we will be firmly supported in our individual practices of knowledge, honestly, optimism, and authenticity.

Of course, to go even deeper, we turn to the Zodiac.

Here, astrologer Colin Bedell breaks down exactly how you can get the most out of Sagittarius season by sun sign, along with a keyword or mantra to help you manifest your best self this Sagittarius season.
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You can do better, Ram.
It’s time to acknowledge the mistakes you’ve made due to your impulsive need to speak or act without thinking it through. Because you spoke or acted impulsively.
This month, the Universe will ask you to pick authenticity as your battle cry.  Profess it, practice it, and demonstrate it so that people can learn from your example.


Interpersonal Transformation
Assumptions state that people never change, but that’s a cop out.
The context for radical self-transformation is available only if you believe that you are allowed to change.
With that in mind, create a beautiful space of Venus availability – for your own personal progress and for those who lean on you. Identify where you need authentic change, surrender it to the alchemy of the universe, and spend the next four weeks paying close attention to the signs, symbols, and images that are come up during this process.


It may be more chic to wear cool indifference as a proud badge of honor, Gemini, but you’re ready for love and commitment.
If there’s someone who needs to know your feelings, then don’t delay. Share the story of your heart authentically.
If you’re single, admit to yourself that you’re capable and willing to show up for all the high – and low – experiences of love.


Emotional Intelligence
Your sensitive heart is a gift to us all, but the universe wants you to make a journey from the heart to the head.
Develop a practice of authentic and logical inquiry into the moments when your sensitive heart is hijacked by emotion. It could be as simple as asking yourself: “Could I be mistaken?”
Develop a strategy to hack into the emotion and promote thoughts of inner peace instead of pain.


Certainty makes you comfortable.
But, since the next four weeks guarantee joy, romance, and stepping into divine power and opportunities for courage, you’ll want to take off the straight jacket and engage with risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure.
Embrace that you don’t know have to know it all.


It’s no surprise that Mother Theresa was a Virgo.
With a soul hardwired to be of service, you’ll be asked this month to understand the role of family, emotional intelligence, nurturing, and home in your life.
Remember: authenticity requires responsibility. From there, you can build a family network with a meaningful foundation of forgiveness, service, embracing each other’s differences, and working as a team.


Children of the Goddess of Love, your interpersonal prowess is supreme.
Still, this month will ask you to get real about the mental chemistry you share with others.
Who asks you about your day? Who makes generous assumptions of you? Who gives and who takes?
The space between your brain and other brains is the focus. Focus on your listening skills while practicing authentic, deep-level conversations with others.


This month will ask you to identify your values.
Without a clarity of values – personal, familial, financial – you might feel a bit lost in the woods.  When decisions need to be made and you don’t have a preexisting framework to help you, you feel overwhelmed and begin to shut down.
Your sign craves consistency and loyalty. Your regular habits help serve your joy or your pain. Take some time in the next four weeks to learn the who, what, where, when and why’s of the values that matter to you most.


Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Spend it well by reflecting on where you got it right and where you missed the mark. If you can reflect on what it is you want to do differently this year, you can harness the universe’s power.
Proactive boundary declaring is a mighty big theme for Sagittarians this month. Since they have so much to give, Sag needs to know who’s earned it and where it’s comparable.


Stand-down, Seagoat! Your month of surrender, closure, and emotional release begins now.
I know these verbs feel far from your psychological registrar but you’ll need have the authentic understanding that there’s nothing else you can do.
Which will require you to confront your fears on failure and perfectionism.
You can do it!


Your favorite existential things – connection and friendship – wait for you at every corner.
Consider aligning yourself with the friends who may disagree with your ideological stances. Echo chambers are beneath your multidimensional sign.
Open yourself up to what you can learn from those who see things differently than you and you will learn more about yourself than anything else.


Ready for career lift off, Pisces? You’ve worked hard to prepare your work to maximum creative possibility.
Sagittarius Season wants your name on the promotion and employment offer. To embrace this opportunity, work to silence the ego voices that whisper, “You’re not good enough.” Push your negative self talk aside so you can be the professional you’re meant to be.

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Art by the magnificent Manzel Bowman.