Saturn in Capricorn: The Cosmic Judge Comes Home

December 20, 2017


Take a deep breath. He’s here.

Saturn has come home to his manor. He strides the cold stone passageways, unsmiling. He chooses the next course for our civilization. He is the great teacher, the cosmic judge, the bender of time. And now Saturn is home in Capricorn, the sign in which is most powerful. And, stern father god that he is, he’s going to see everything that happened while he was away.

It is just the beginning, but in some ways, it feels like the end.
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And indeed, this is the end of many things. It is the last day of the sun’s annual return to Sagittarius as the bonfire, which blazed just two weeks ago, is dying to embers.

It is the last day of autumn, as winter solstice arrives at 8:28am tomorrow morning, making the longest night of the year. And it is the final day of Hanukkah.

This Saturn in Capricorn cycle has had astrologers running scared for some time now; and there’s a lot to be concerned with, especially when we look at the stories that Saturn in Capricorn tells about regimes, governments, and economies.

Totalitarianism and the destruction it brings with it is more a risk than ever between now and 2020.

Saturn rules the element of lead. The primary allegory within alchemy – that is, turning lead into gold – was often misunderstood as the goal of alchemy itself. But, in truth, alchemy is less about metallurgy than about transforming base aspects of oneself into higher aspects.

It is going to be a difficult few years, and we are going to need to maintain the light. And we are going to need gold as a reminder.

Here is a way to offer this gift: Go out and purchase some white candles (leftover Hanukkah candles will be on sale today) and purchase some real gold leaf at a craft store.

After dark this evening, turn off your phone.

In quiet contemplation, roll each of the white candles in gold leaf, focusing on the parts of yourself that you promise not to allow to turn leaden.

Once you’ve made these golden candles, there are many things you can do with them. Keep them for times over the next couple of years when you need a reminder of the light. Give them as a host gift for a holiday party, or as stocking stuffers for your family. Or, offer them to the mystics you know and love as a token of appreciation for their impending labors as we move through the difficult shifts of Saturn in Capricorn together.

Ella Gold, one of my apprentices and bearer of our ally’s name, is a Jewish witch and mystic. She had this to say about Hanukkah this year:
“A common phrase heard at Jewish holiday meals is “they tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!”

When the Maccabees returned to their destroyed temple they mourned their losses. What remained was humble, a simple tool for seeing and bringing light into the darkness: a menorah and a small amount of oil.

They could have saved this oil, deciding not to burn it and remain in darkness. They could have used it for food. But with all the trust in god and spirit they lit the wick and for 8 days they witnessed a miracle of light.

Consider this: In the apparent destruction our lights have been lit. We are burning stronger and longer than the destroyers anticipated ~ the miracle of light is among us once again.”
Grounding Elements Pro-Tip: Use this edible-grade gold leaf to wrap your candles, make anti-aging face masks, decorate gifts, and more