Why You NEED These Crystals Now — Your September Crystalscopes Are Here!

August 28, 2018

Our monthly Crystalscopes pair each zodiac sign with a crystal whose energies can support us through the coming month’s astrological transits – something you can wear, carry, or place on an altar to help boost your specific astrology for the month.
So, first thing’s first: what’s up this month?

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September’s new moon in Virgo will prompt a deeper examination of what we want to get from our work, as well as a more in-depth look at what we want from our sexuality, owing to Venus’ movement into Scorpio on the very same day.

Also, Mercury will spend time in both  Virgo and Libra, ushering in a need for making yourself heard before a time of peacemaking and forgiveness. Then comes the fall equinox, on the same day that the sun joins Mercury in Libra. Take time to feel balanced, bringing realignment into your life before feelings of restlessness arrive around the full moon in Aries (square Saturn).

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Now, let’s anchor what’s in store for us this month to specific crystal energies. These horoscopes can be read for your sun, rising, and moon signs.


ARIES – Lapis Lazuli

This month, you’ll be needing to focus your intentions, Aries. The dwindling summer may feel exhausting or like it has your mental landscape a bit scattered, especially building toward the powerhouse full moon.
Lapis lazuli is an ideal talisman for the moment, assisting you in breaking down obstacles in a peaceful way.


TAURUS – Aquamarine

The summer has been hard on everyone, and Taurus can be late to the party in processing the emotions that have been stirred up by the eclipses. Plus, with Uranus stationed in Taurus for the long haul, the rebel planet is facilitating some major personal growth.
Aquamarine is your girl this month, as she holds a sweetness and gentleness and can help create a container for any grief or disappointment that needs to be felt in a serene and productive way.


GEMINI –  Citrine

With Mercury visiting Virgo, Gemini is also activated in the intellectual realms, and carrying citrine can assist in bringing extravagant dreams into a bright reality. Gemini has ample opportunity this month to accomplish creative and economic goals.
Citrine is a classic for a reason! Associated with prosperity, integrity and fortitude, this sunny companion enhances willpower and optimism, and can be a great buddy for embarking on new projects or collaborations.



Emotional fortitude is the name of the game this month. Cancer is poised to experience a high degree of self-sufficiency and learning new emotional management techniques. Cancerians may even find themselves in a state of deep peace – or at least of desperately wanting to be there.
Jade is the ticket for accessing the realm of serenity. Sitting meditation practices or breathwork can be aided by holding a piece of jade in your palm this month.


LEO – Blue Calcite

Having been absolutely trounced by the eclipse cycle, and never quite ready to give up the limelight of Leo season, Leos may feel wounded or easily hurt, defensive or quick to irritation this month.
Blue calcite is the perfect remedy: gentle, soothing and childlike, blue calcite can help bring Leo to childlike innocence, rather than childish resentment. If you want to maximize the potency of Mercury in Libra’s forgiveness aspects, try putting a piece of blue calcite on an altar dedicated to releasing attachment around an old slight.

VIRGO – Carnelian

It is Virgo’s time to shine, and there’s no better approach this month than carnelian. Prized for its dense orangey-red color, carnelian is one of the lesser-known Virgo-associated stones, connecting with Virgo’s oft-unsung strengths in creativity and sensual delight.
Carnelian can help soothe some of the typical Virgo self-doubt, especially nervousness around indulgence, sexuality, and receiving pleasure.


LIBRA – Optical Calcite

Also receiving heightened attention this month, Libra is in an exceptionally queenlike state this month. Likely, Libras will experience both the highs and lows of such a regal association – both exaltation and invitations to make judgment calls on situations unfolding in their social or business spheres.
Optical calcite helps keep things light, bright, and focused on solutions, while also enhancing the feeling of glamorous play that can come in as an unexpected pairing with the autumn chill.

SCORPIO – Snowflake obsidian

With Venus visiting your sign, Scorpio can expect a lot of attention toward the more intense aspects of your relationship with love and beauty. Old hurts or insecurities may arise for processing; issues from past intimate relationships can resurface.
Snowflake obsidian keeps everything pure and honest. This unassuming black-and-white stone can be one of the harshest taskmasters, so be gentle with yourself – but also, the depth of learning that can be facilitated is unparalleled, so don’t shy away from the opportunity.

SAGITTARIUS – Green tourmaline

While often presenting as extroverts, Sagittarians also get easily overwhelmed by social details and complexities, and Mercury’s movements this month may have Sagittarius feeling a little tapped out or low energy. Green tourmaline helps to balance squad care with self care, alone time with socializing.
Green tourmaline aids in listening closely to the heart’s true voice, and can be especially useful to the centaurs this month, as there will be a lot of voices in the crowd vying for attention.



Saturn’s square of the full moon may aggravate Capricorns to an unusual degree, and can prompt somewhat harsh introspection about goals and desires and your ability to accomplish them. While not known for being easy on themselves, this month especially can test Capricorn’s sense of their own integrity and basic goodness.
Gentling rock opal, especially the Oregon or Peru varieties (not brilliant Australian or Ethiopian opal, nor the fiery Mexico variety) is like calamine for your spiritual mosquito bites, soothing the itch of excessive self-recrimination.

AQUARIUS – Black onyx

Oh, boo. You’ve been through the wringer. After a year of intense transformation, the gathering of autumn can easily send Aquarius into a bit of a difficult-to-describe head trip, especially in regards to embarrassment or a sense of wasted time.
With existential crisis afoot, black onyx provides an avenue for taking a break from it all, meeting Aquarius’ desire to understand and learn from the massive events of the summer with a sense of deep protection and strength.

PISCES – Red Jasper

All the cosmic attention on Virgo, Pisces’ polar opposite, can untether the sign of the fishes, and swirl up confusion, disorientation, distraction, or excessive escapism and/or disembodiment.
Potent grounding aid red jasper brings a firm and intentional focus to the physical, and helps Pisces keep at least one foot on the ground, even when it may be hard to find the right words to express oneself. In combination with physical exercise or exertion, red jasper keeps the somatic lessons coming for sensitive Pisces, and aids in the complete absorption of the messages arriving via the material.
Lead art by the amazing Manzel Bowman.