A Sexy Playlist to Channel the Moody Energy of the New Moon Eclipse

July 8, 2018

The partial solar eclipse of the new moon in Cancer on July 12 could be a revelatory if not troubling aspect, triggering sudden changes in the Cancerian realm of home life and protective shells.

Pluto is opposing this new moon as well, and emotions are likely to be at high tide. The key is to not let the pull of these intense transits shake you, but rather lay low and allow them to pass.

This moon may not be the best time to initiate new projects, but it’s perfect for uncovering the deeper psychological motives that secretly drive you. Use this eclipse to understand how your own behavior may be stopping you from receiving the happiness and joy you deserve.

Need a little help envisioning your best life?

This week’s moody playlist is keeping it real. Eclipse season isn’t always a walk in the park, but there’s something sexy about drama… right?

Tune into the Transits 7/9-7/15

Charlie” by Colin Stetson

“Windswept” by Johnny Jewel

“Spells” by Jenny Hval

“Lay Your Love on Me” by Abba