Slow Growth and Cultivation: Digging That Taurus Reward

April 20, 2018

“All I Do” 
by Stevie Wonder

“Can’t you feel the fire burning?
Can’t you feel the birds humming?”

There is something energizing about the sun in Taurus. While it may lack the frenetic pace of blazing Aries, this is a time when tenacity and energy run high. 

Winter asks that we slow down and reflect as the storms of early spring bring the promise of renewal and growth. Taurus is our opportunity to utilize this atmosphere, gaining forward momentum in our creative and home-based projects.

But it isn’t all about work with Taurus. This is also the most sensual of the earth signs, emphasizing material pleasures, rich foods, and the enjoyment of physical security. 

Today’s throwback song of the moment, “All I Do,” is brought to you by Taurus native Stevie Wonder. This hardworking genius is considered one of the twentieth century’s greatest pop stars. As a child prodigy, he first signed to Motown Records at age eleven, and his innovative albums shaped pop music for the next half-century. In other words, his hard work has certainly paid off. 

Settle into the deeply satisfying groove of “All I Do” and get to work. Taurus is all about digging into life like it’s a garden, reveling in the moist soil that promises a lush and verdant harvest.

Listen to “All I Do” here:

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