Smooth Out Your Relationship Problems While Venus is in Libra

July 31, 2018

Love Goddess Venus joins with her beautiful sign-sake Libra on August 6, 2018, and there she will stay until September 9, 2018.

As the premiere student in the school of the interpersonal arts, Libra knows the key to unlocking meaningful connection in our relationships is BALANCE. Specifically, the delicate ability to balance personal versus relational desires. In the Libra universe, the needs of the individual are not more or less important than the needs that arise in our relationships. They’re equal. They’re, well, balanced.

So many relationship dramas stem from imbalance – whether it is an financial imbalance, an emotional imbalance, a commitment imbalance, or a power imbalance, we can all do with finding ways within ourselves to seek balance in our relationships.

What does next month hold for you? Find out now with your August horoscope!

One way to do this is to take a look at the polarity of each individual sign. The way to find your sign polarity is to picture the zodiac as a wheel and draw a line directly across from your sun sign (or rising sign). What is on the other side? What is oppositional to our immediate strengths? What do we think we aren’t good at, and what are we avoiding?

Sometimes, our weaknesses can be our greatest teachers. And sometimes, acknowledging them without judgment and with compassion and can help us take our power back in relationships.

Horoscopes for Venus in Libra 2018

Aries (polarity in Libra)

Balance Individuality with Relationships
The passionate, direct, and motivated sign of the self, Aries teaches their romantic partners that the tending to our individual worlds is what keeps our relational worlds dynamic. If we lose sight of our identities, it’s a death sentence to the relationship.
Venus in Libra inspires Aries to balance their self-will with happy compromise and sincere understanding to strengthen their relationship success and find the joy in making our partners happy.  

Taurus (polarity in Scorpio)

Balance Values with Surrender
Taurus hardly says “I don’t know,” because their firm values inform their beliefs and decisions. So the bull demonstrates how steadfast convictions keep partnerships grounded in the midst of uncertainty, fear, and risk. Their dedicated understanding provides great comfort.
Venus in Libra provides experiences of staying surrendered to the unknown. Rather than clinging to Taurus beliefs being proven as right. Now’s a time to be comfortable with mystery.  

Gemini (polarity in Sagittarius)

Balance Mindfulness with Wisdom
Nothing gets passed a Gemini. With keen observation and rapid fire analytical skills, Gemini registers their partner’s curiosities, preferences, and passions. They’ll mirror the partner’s world by gleefully announcing the data.
With Venus in Libra, the task is to align the observations with some higher wisdom. So what if they like (or don’t like) something? Get down to the why and the intention behind your partner’s identity to find the wisdom that’ll sustain growth.  

Cancer (polarity in Capricorn)

Balance Compassion with Discipline
With the depths of the oceans that rule them, Cancer’s compassion in romantic relationships is one of the most powerful forces on earth. A healing balm rich with empathy, generosity, and understanding is a gift on bleak days to the lucky partners of Cancer.
Venus in Libra helps them locate the fine line between compassion and enabling. Discipline will make a huge impact in relationships if their penchant for compassion is tempered with accountability and responsibility.  

Leo (polarity in Aquarius)

Balance Worthiness with Service
There’s little that makes a Leo feel unworthy. And righteously so, since they’re the monarchs of the zodiac. No sovereign should feel unworthy of love and royal partnership in their kingdom. This level of confidence invites all partners close to Leo to raise their own context of worthiness in inspiring ways.
Venus in Libra decrees Leo to talk less about their glory and prove it. Talk is cheap! Prove how much the they love love by deeply supporting relationships through big acts of service.

Virgo (polarity in Pisces)

Balance Thoughtful with Empathetic  
Nobody helps partners cross off their to-do lists like a Virgo. Their thoughtful approach to love makes their relationships feel recognized, understood, and respected. With intelligence and service as their love style, there’s no problem they can’t solve.
The only to-do list for Venus in Libra is to have Virgos lead with empathy not strategy. There’s a time and place for solutions but partners just want to have their feeling felt with not immediately solved.  

Libra (polarity in Aries)

Balance Relationships with Individuality
All rise for the honorable Libra! Venus is beaming for her children to demonstrate their social graces, elegance, charm, and decency. Libra can write the book on happy relationship management, so we look to them as teachers in this regard.
So Venus in Libra asks them to focus less on the relational and more on the personal. Get the luxury item, book the makeover, schedule joy and make it all purposeful. They deserve it!

Scorpio (polarity in Taurus)

Balance Surrender with Values
The Scorpio psyche can handle the inevitable discomfort of uncertainty, imperfection, and other relationship realness. So they surround their partners with feelings of profound safety because their loyalty is obvious.
Venus in Libra reminds Scorpio to simply lighten up. While relationships are to be taken seriously, this moment is about taking joy, pleasure, and luxury seriously. Scorpios should try bringing the balance of light to their ability to handle the dark.

Sagittarius  (polarity in Gemini)

Balance Wisdom with Communication
The vast majority of Sagittarius partners probably say, “I never would’ve thought about it that way!” as much as they say, “I love you, too.” The Sagittarius wisdom expands their partners’ perceptions to experience their live with more hope, curiosity, and vision.
Venus in Libra promotes less philosophizing and more mindfulness to detail. It’s important for Sagittarius to prove they can pay attention to the minor details that make up the big story of their lovers life.

Capricorn (polarity in Cancer)

Balance Discipline with Compassion
If only emotional maturity was more popular, Capricorn would get the credit they deserve. The Seagoat stays disciplined with a sexy calm, cool, and collected demeanor in all areas of the relationship. Which can help ground partners who are prone to impulse or reactivity.
Venus in Libra instructs the softer side of the Seagoat for relationship success. It’ll raise their waters of compassion, sensitivity, and physical affection letting partners see their deep care.  

Aquarius  (polarity in Leo)

Balance Service with Worthiness
“How can I help?” is a question Aquarius asks their loved ones often. Their intellect allows Aquarius to notice the gaps in social spaces that need comedic relief, delegator, listener, or leader and they’ll happily execute it. And, it’s the reason for their immense popularity.
Venus in Libra asks Aquarius to step back a bit so they can focus on claiming their worthiness to receive the service they love to give and allow partners to sincerely show up.

Pisces (polarity in Virgo)

Balance Empathy with Thoughtfulness  
Listening to the invisible ethers of emotions, Pisces can cast the perfect space of empathy while they carefully feel not for but with their romantic partners. They can firmly hold space in the surreal spaces and heal the heart of their beloved by simply being there.
Venus in Libra is a ticket out of the ether and into the physical tangible world. It’s a time to speak (and not just listen) with focused thought and verbal communication.