Step into Spring: Embrace the Power of the New Moon with These Intuitive Tarot Readings

April 13, 2018

Welcome to our only new moon of April, square in the middle of the month!

This new moon marks the end of Mercury retrograde, though some of us might be still dealing with the aftershocks of this period for the next few weeks. It also marks, hopefully, the end of the snow storms in part of the Northern Hemisphere. This month has been intense so far, and this new moon offers us a reset, and a chance to finally clear away the winter sludge and step into spring.

This new moon is a moon to think about what seeds you will be planting, internally and externally. What spiritual growth would you like to see bloom in the next few months? Take some time Sunday or Monday to create a ritual. Then take time to make a plan to usher in the change that has been a long time coming.

Here, an intuitive tarot card reading for each sign of the zodiac to honor the occasion. 


The Hanged Man

The shifts and changes that are occurring in your life are at a soul level, an alchemical level, and are deeply spiritual. From the outside, it could appear as if nothing is actually happening, when in fact, everything is actually happening— because it’s happening from the inside out!  What you are interested in working with and changing is profound, it is personal, and has the capacity to widen your consciousness into expansive territory. The trick is to let the dust settle, wait to receive more information, and give yourself time and space to tune in. At this time, remember that sometimes doing nothing, or doing something other than your usual actions or reactions, is doing everything. 


King of Cups, Reversed

Now is the time to put focus and energy on sharing your creativity and opening up emotionally. Don’t hesitate to work through your most thrilling ideas at a faster clip than usual — displaying the raw parts of yourself is a challenge that will help you evolve. Vulnerability will pay off so long as your audience can be trusted. Ask for help if need be — your tendency to do things all on your own isn’t going to yield you the best results.  At this new moon, release any resistance you have for allowing others into your brilliant world. 


The High Priestess, Reversed

You’ve spent long enough doubting yourself, you’ve spent enough time hiding. You’ve spent ages waiting for permission, waiting for a perfect green light to come from outside. Wanting the right person at the right time to wave the fairy wand of discipline and devotion your way. At this new moon, do not wish for any signals or signs or external helping hands. At this new moon, begin planting the unwavering connection you have to your intuition. The permission is you, knowing you have always been the one, always been the powerhouse of divine connection and beauty. The green light is you, starting your new life with nothing to prove to anyone but yourself and your heart. 


8 of Pentacles

A very long time has been spent working and cultivating gardens for yourself and your community. Are you looking up from your desk to enjoy it? Are you focusing on the pain, the sorrow, on all the tasks you have yet to figure out? Make this a new moon where you can really celebrate and name your magic, your drive, and all the gifts that are beginning to pay off in your world. This could be emotional, spiritual, with career, with family, community, or all of the above. At this new moon, do a ritual that reinstates your devotion to your work. Redefine what work means to you if need be. Your work is you, your magic, your talent, your pleasure, your birthright. Make it fun, make it intriguing, make it playful, invoke joy. This is how your abundance will continue to grow.


The Wheel of Fortune

Lovely Leo, loosen your grip. Beautiful dancer, leave space for the universe to fill in the gaps. The cycle you are currently in wants you to reinstate and redefine the true core of who you are now. Not yesterday, not last year, not what you think you want people to see. You may have just started new projects, or screwed up your courage and screamed out your new desires or identities to the world. So far you’ve only received echoes and it may be getting you down a bit. Please realize that that change takes time. At this new moon, please devote yourself to seeing all the opportunities that are coming your way. Please commit to following the threads, even if they could almost be invisible at times, that are weaving their way into the bigger resplendent web that only needs your surrender and your steadfast sweetness.


The Lovers

Ok, Virgo, there’s someone on the other end of the line for you and it’s saying its name is Grey Area Deuce, Get Loose, Sing the Truth, Move Your Caboose. Virgo, the message is telling me that in order to make the huge strides you are just on the edge of making, you’ve got to recombine. Introduce wonky combinations of ideas, ways of being, ways of communicating, ways of showing your belly, in order to attain transcendence and access to a different and exciting aspect of yourself. A very true purpose of your life at this time is to show the larger world something weird, something different, something that only you possess, something only you can feel the weight of in your hand. But first you’ve got to go through a messy period and messiness isn’t your favorite state of being in. First, you’ve got to put the other limiting ways of being and ways of seeing in the recycling bin. That will clear up space for you to finger paint out your fresh haiku to the adoring masses.


5 of Wands

We’ve been raised in our society to be afraid of conflict. However, going through conflicts are what forces us to grow. Tension forces us to clarify who we are and who we are not. For the past while, you might have been feeling really stretched thin. There might have been external events pulling you every which way. Internally, there might be some ego conflicts of the past and present battling it out, making it hard to focus.  Before a massive up level comes challenges and freakouts. At this new moon, get really clear around what you own, who you are, and what you are tending to. Let anything not in support of that fall away. Work with this pressure to make you into a diamond. Be resolute about which battles are wasting your time, and which ones will end in an olive branch.



Hey sweet babe, let’s have some fun! Hey sweet babe, sing a love song to stubbornness until the bridge changes key into flexibility. You’ve been working so hard for so long for so many other reasons, parts of you might be on auto-pilot. This is a lovely New Moon to reconnect with your heart: after all, isn’t that the real reason you go, go, go? Let your heart’s desires lead you into different settings. Make play a priority, especially with the tough bits. Opening up in tender ways allows you to see how many people are devoted to you.


The Emperor

Lovely Archer, this new moon is just for you. But isn’t every fresh start, a fresh start just for you? 😉 This is a time for you to recommit to your highest ideals and most lofty ideas. You’ve got the power, the devotion, and the confidence to go for it. This is a New Moon to set your wildest intentions for what you would most want to happen in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. At this new moon, you are both ant and hawk. At this new moon, you are both the roots of the trees enjoying the rich soil, and the tippy tops of the tall branches reaching towards the stars. You must be both now. Sink in. Stretch out. You’ve got this. 


Queen of Wands

Hey, Sexy thing. Yes, you—stop looking over your shoulder! If you are doing any manifestation work, any spells, any intentions at this new moon you better make them easy and sensual. You better fill up your altar
with berries, dance the Tango or the Horah or the Tootsie Roll or whatever else makes your toes tap with ease because it is a laugh-out-loud joy that will be filling your cup and it is sparkling, scintillating speeches that will be your best spells. And you better let other people see you, arms spread wide, teeth flashing as you chortle. Get out there. Let others see you, revel in you, enjoy you. Let yourself be the magnet to all that you desire simply by being your freest most true self.


2 of Cups 

There’s a lovely, healthy, abundant introduction coming your way, and it is setting the tone for the next few years for you. That’s because you’ve been doing the uncomfortable work of really looking in the mirror and allowing yourself to enjoy what you see. You’ve stopped blaming yourself so much. You’ve given yourself the priceless gifts of forgiveness and acceptance. At this new moon, allow yourself to invite in even more collaborations with all the different parts of yourself. If it is time to explore one area, swim out into uncharted oceans, pick up an old beloved hobby from the past, go for it. If it is time to exhale and allow other people to help you; particularly help you to do things you dislike, allow them. You need to time for healthy activities, for activities that fill you up and give to you, and for being the messenger of cosmic love that you know you have always been.  


6 of Pentacles

Have you been taking too much, or have you been giving too much? Is it time for you to ask for more? Take up more space? Put your needs first and take a stand? There are people in your life that want to help you. 6 of Pentacles has to do with power, with altruism, and with giving as much as you take. You have most likely spent the last 2 months or more in an up-leveling process. Lots of shadow work and lots of facing your greatest fears and vulnerabilities have taken place. Now it is time to allow your transformed and empowered self to catch up. At this new moon, practice asking for more than you previously have. Practice receiving opportunities and praise in an embodied manner. You are more than worth all that you ask for. Your gifts are priceless.