How to Deal With the Mercury Retrograde Post-Shadow

April 13, 2018

by Starchild and The New Romantic

“How come every time you come around, I get deceived?
People, places, different faces, I just can’t believe”

Mercury is about to go direct on April 15, and the days before its switch to forward movement are generally the most problematic. We all know that it’s best to avoid signing contracts during this period, and with Mercury residing in Aries, communication could be especially impulsive.
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Thanks to the influence of Venus, this Mercury retrograde has highlighted our intimate partnerships, causing miscommunication and anxious mental chatter. There could be unresolved karma, or a forgotten wound could be reopened as this transit nears its ending. And don’t be surprised if old partners come back from the ether.
What’s the best way to deal with all these long-forgotten friends and lovers that seem to be coming out of the woodwork? Resist the impetuous, “act first, think later” nature of Aries. Check yourself for old patterns. Question your go-to assumptions. And slow it down.
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Today’s song of the moment, “Language” by Starchild and The New Romantic, reminds us to question whether rekindling an old relationship is the healthiest option. Let’s face it – some partnerships simply lack healthy communication. Sometimes it’s best to walk away.

Listen to “Language” here.