Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Strawberry Moons

May 28, 2023

If you’re an astrology enthusiast, you know there are different types of full moons—the harvest moon, wolf moon, and blue moon, to name a few. Every full moon happens at different times throughout the year and has different meanings associated with them.

A full moon worth getting to know? The strawberry full moon.

Below, astrologer and tarot reader Clarisse Monahan explains the strawberry moon meaning, when it happens, and strawberry moon manifesting tips.

Strawberry Moon Spiritual Meaning

The strawberry moon is the full moon that occurs in June every year, coinciding with the short berry-harvesting season. “It is the first full moon of summer in the northern hemisphere and, therefore, a celebration of life, fertility, and abundance,” Monahan says. 

As for the strawberry moon’s spiritual meaning, Monahan points to what strawberries represent as clues. “Strawberries are associated with the element of water, which is the most fertile element we have,” she explains. “Water provides the perfect conditions for growth. In summertime, it is when our food is the most colorful and available.” 

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In astrology, summertime is associated with extroverted, expansive, active, and outward energy. “It is when we are at our most social and when we strive to connect with others,” Monahan says. “It is in stark contrast to wintertime when we are more inclined to hibernate and stay in.” So, the strawberry moon symbolizes all these different fruitful (no pun intended) energies. 

Why Is It Called the “Strawberry” Moon?

As mentioned earlier, the strawberry moon gets its name from the berry harvesting season. “The full moon names used by The Old Farmer’s Almanac come from a range of historical sources [such as] Native American and European,” Monahan says.

“The nicknames for the lunations were used to track the seasons,” and the chosen names were often quite literal. Another example: The January full moon is known as the snow moon. 

Monahan also notes that the strawberry moon is sometimes called the “Hot Moon” (referencing summer’s hot weather) or “Mead Moon” (after the honey wine used during summer celebrations).

“All names point to the strong social and celebratory name associated with this moon,” she says. 

When Is The Strawberry Moon?

Look forward to the strawberry full moon every year in June. The exact date will vary yearly, but you can enjoy the strawberry moon’s glory for a few days before and after.

“While the technical definition of a full moon occurs when the moon is exactly 180 degrees away from the sun, the influence of the lunation is said to be in effect three days before and three days after the date of the exact full moon,” Monahan explains.  

Strawberry Full Moon Dates

  • June 3, 2023
  • June 21, 2024
  • June 11, 2025

Manifesting During Strawberry Moon

“As this is the first full moon of summer and is associated with prosperity, [the strawberry full moon] is a great time for calling in more abundance,” Monahan says.

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One ritual she recommends for this is doing a tarot reading for yourself—a simple two-card full moon spread, in particular. “You pull one card as to what you can let go off—full moon indicates culmination energy—and then a second card to point to what you need more of and how you can bring that in.”

Once you pull the cards, she recommends journaling about what messages the cards delivered for you. And, because the strawberry moon is also known as an auspicious time for relationships and getting married, it also calls for a love tarot reading

Another tip: Before you begin your full-moon manifestations, get your strawberry (and any other) full moon reading here.


How long will the strawberry moon last?

All full moons technically last an instant, but you can feel their effects about three days before and three days after. 

How often does a strawberry moon occur?

The strawberry full moon happens once a year in June.