Summer Lovin’: Your Romantic Forecast to Beat the Heat and Heartbreak

June 30, 2021

After a long six months, the summer of love is finally here, and your summer 2021 love horoscope has all the love-related tea for your zodiac sign!

Now, we can fully embrace our romantic desires and sentiments as we move towards deepening existing relationships or finding new partnerships. The sky’s the limit for what it can bring to our hearts, so enjoy the journey and have fun riding the rapturous waves of love.

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Your Summer 2021 Love Horoscope


Being one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, you’ll find that the urge to express your inner sentiments this summer is strong—particularly when Venus and Mars link up in desirous Leo on July 13. This will lead you into a new understanding with your current partner and ignite a flame with a crush during the Leo new moon on August 8.


There’s never enough time in the day for you to get all your tasks done. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make time for your significant other. Use July 9’s Cancer new moon as a time to reconnect with your significant other or to spend the day flirting with your crush. As long as you make time for them, you’ll both be golden.


Once Mercury exits its post-retrograde zone on July 7, your love life will feel breezier and easier than in the past few months. The caveat is that you’ll be overthinking commitments when Jupiter backtracks into Aquarius on July 28. Word to the wise: Lead with your heart, not with your head. Then, you will be able to make decisions that you won’t regret down the road.


July 8’s new moon will make your heart melt and ready to commit (if you’re already in a relationship then emotions will deepen and if not then you can expect that you’re wanting to find a partner to commit to). In your rush to secure a romantic partner, you may overlook their flaws. Be aware of all their qualities before you dive into a relationship.


According to your summer 2021 love horoscope, the dating scene is a battlefield, dear Leo. Part of you wants to commit and the other part of you wants to be free. July 1 will create internal tensions, as Mars and Jupiter oppose each other. You’ll assert your freedom, only to want to partner up on July 13 when Venus and Mars align. These on-and-off vibes will go on all summer long, so prepare yourself.


Romance feels like a dream until July 28, when Jupiter moves back into Aquarius. You’ll feel as though your Tinder matches are pulling back and your boo isn’t giving you attention. Emotions will change towards the end of the season during the Pisces full moon on September 20. In the meantime, don’t wait around for your crush. Go out, have fun, and focus on yourself.


The Venus and Mars conjunction on July 13 will bring you back down to earth, if you’ve been on cloud nine with your partner/crush. Learning how to level up your relationship in the real world will be challenging and will take a lot of work. With some TLC, you will find that your relationship can survive anything that comes your way—even reality.

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You’re not one for cheesy sentiments, but you can’t help wanting to share your love for your partner. Instead of posting a series of Instagram pics, show you care by planning a weekend getaway with your significant other/perspective boo to celebrate your love during the Cancer new moon on July 9 and share the montage of pics during the Leo new moon on August 8.


A reconnection with an ex after Mercury leaves its Retroshade zone on July 7 will fizzle out. You’re supposed to move forward and not get caught up on the past. Use this summer as your time to date around and find the right person for you in August—not someone who is familiar or just a temporary hookup with no long-term strings attached.


June 24’s full moon is making you feel as though you’re not getting a lot of affection from your boo/crush. Two weeks later, during the Cancer new moon on July 9, they’ll feel like you’re distant. Find a balance that works for your relationship during the Leo new moon on August 8th to ensure that you’re both getting more than enough love from each other.


Your love life really gets popping on July 13, during the annular Venus and Mars conjunction. And the emotions won’t stop then. August 8’s Leo new moon will send you and your S.O./crush into an emotional frenzy when you both level up your situationship and lean in towards commitment. The rest of the summer will be a lovely dream that feels like a romance movie.


Romance is in the air during July 9’s Cancer new moon, making you want to stay lost in the dream or your partner/crush’s eyes forever. However, you’ll have to take care of matters outside of your relationship from July 28 onwards (when Jupiter reenters Aquarius). You can take on work matters and your love life simultaneously if you make both an equal priority in August.

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