Sun in Aries: Let's Grow Together

March 21, 2018

Yesterday, as the sun moved into Aries, observant pagans and witches celebrated Ostara, the feast of the bedecked virgin, the newly initiated goddess of flowers and fertility. At this time, the world myth comes alive again, and even in our fast-paced, climate-controlled (and climate-transformed) world, I believe we can feel the sap rising in our veins. Especially if we can find a moment to sit in the strengthening sunlight and simply breathe.

This is a sapling time for our world and everyone within it. We are very young, very sensitive, and very promising. We have new thoughts, new goals, new knowledge.

Mercury and Venus conjoined yesterday in Aries, and that had us feeling very sensitive indeed. Easily bruised, easily riled. But, just like little seedlings, we must avoid being trampled. And we must apply all our spare energy to growth. Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow, after all, calling us to transform ourselves.

Here’s a challenge: After so many months of evaluating what’s wrong with the external, how about we now offer love to what’s wrong with the internal?

No one is perfect. We all need to grow.


Hiddenite is one of my absolute favorites. A variety of green kunzite, whose song is always that of boundless love, it is amplified here by the enchanting spring-green aura of this sweet, peaceful, gentling stone.

I sometimes say that hiddenite is the gemstone of true love. It finds the intersection between truth and love and smooths all the wrinkles, fills all the cracks.

Truth and love can be hard to hold at once, but we must, we absolutely must. And yes, doing that for the larger world comes naturally to some of us, but doing this for yourself? That’s revolutionary.
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Self-care is not omission of the facts. Self-care is not neglecting others. Self-care is not glorifying your mistakes or justifying bad behavior or making excuses. Self-love is where we shine the light of truth upon ourselves and behold that we are still, always, infinitely lovable and infinitely loved.

Take a bath with hiddenite and cry your eyes out at the awful joy of being human. Wear it at your throat for the next month while Mercury is retrograde and let it help you watch your mouth and avoid the blame game. Just keep it out of the sun, because hiddenite will blanch and fade and lose its color if exposed too long to sunlight.

Take care of this precious little thing – and take care of your precious little heart while you’re at it.
Happy Spring!

Grounding Element Pro Tip: Add this hiddenite wand to your bath for a healing love ritual.