Sun in Sagittarius: Life at Full Gallop

November 21, 2017

The sun makes a move today, leaving the mysterious depths of Scorpio for the optimism, faith and vision of Sagittarius.  Now we can start to see how things might be, and what roads we are now ready to run down. Let yourself have an “up, up and away attitude” and let the parts of you that are wild and free take the lead. We can dream big and move fast now…

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.

today’s meditation: WILD HORSES

Breathe deep and see yourself in a great, wide-open prairie.  Stand tall and observe the beautiful, wide-open environment around you. It is an all-natural landscape, mostly quiet, no sign of man.

In the distance, you hear a rumbling and begin to feel tremors in the earth under your feet. The rumbling becomes as loud as thunder as you see a herd of wild horses in the distance galloping across the plain.

Mares, stallions, colts, all running toward you in perfect synchronicity. They are so fast, and so powerful and so beautiful, wild and free.

As they get closer to you, you have a choice. To run with them in your human form or become a horse yourself.

Whatever you decide is perfect. Start to run free across the wide-open wilderness.

They soon catch up to you, and you are surrounded by their power.  Breathe deeply and feel yourself suddenly able to run just as fast and strong as they do. Feel the thundering energy of the herd buoy you as you run in the group.

Feel your feet against the earth, your lungs taking in big breaths of fresh air.

Feel the joy of being this fast, the naturalness of moving at this high speed, like you were made to do it. You are intricately connected to the herd and yet also somehow completely free.

Your feet turn the earth with their speed; your heart pumping, your lungs breathing big, your energy is getting completely fired up.

Feel and be your power, your freedom, as you run with your friends across the beautiful expansive wilderness.

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