In a Rut? How to Use the Gemini New Moon Energy

June 11, 2018

New Moon in Gemini

June 13, 2018

No matter how content we are, we all have those moments when we tire of the same old, same old. Luckily for us, every 29 ½ days, a new moon comes to the rescue and gives us a chance to change things up. And if you’re looking for more variety to spice up your life, this new moon in Gemini is the one for you!

What Does the New Moon in Gemini Mean?

Gemini is all about versatility and adaptability. A mutable air sign, it prefers to keep things light, rather than getting overly attached or weighed down. If you feel like life has slowed to a snail’s pace and started to stagnate since last month’s Taurus new moon, this one can be a breath of fresh air.

When the sun and moon align in changeable Gemini, it’s almost impossible to stay stuck in a rut. Fascinating people, places, things, ideas, and happenings surround us everywhere we look—so if we’re bored, we’re the ones who must be boring! Be curious, ask questions, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for the new opportunities, information, and insights which are sure to arrive.

These come courtesy of winged messenger Mercury, who rules this lunation. Under his influence, we’re likely to feel a bit “mercurial” ourselves—brilliant, witty, clever, and unpredictable. Use this energy to begin writing your masterpiece, or chat up a stranger and dazzle them with your scintillating conversation.

Just watch out for some of the more problematic Mercury/Gemini traits which can also show up: talking too much, getting distracted too easily, being superficial, unreliable, or duplicitous (the dark side of this sign’s symbol, the twins). If you’re dealing with any of these, set an intention at this new moon to work on channeling Gemini energy in more positive ways.


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New Moon in Gemini by Sign


No matter how well people think they know you, Gemini, there’s always another side to discover. What unexpected side of yourself will you surprise them with next? This new moon is perfect for playing with your persona—change up your look, go by a new alias, or show off a part of your identity you don’t normally emphasize.


Outwardly, Cancer, there may not be much going on right now. But your mind is racing a mile a minute, spinning out as you go over every possible scenario—best case and worst. At this new moon, consider trying some new mindfulness or meditation practices to help you harness all that mental energy and gain some peace of mind.


No one can work a crowd quite like you, Leo. And that’s a definite advantage at this new moon when networking is priority number one—whether that means widening your social circle, or adding a few new contacts to your professional Rolodex. Just remember: they’ll be even more interested in you if you show genuine interest in them.


Sure, you may think of yourself as a “behind-the-scenes” kind of person, Virgo, but … maybe that’s just because you’ve never stepped out on stage? If you’ve been keeping yourself small, this new moon challenges you to branch out and start playing a bigger role. In the process, you’ll expand not only your audience but your own sense of what’s possible.


This new moon’s light, airy, sociable vibe fits your aesthetic to a T, Libra. But why waste it all on parties and small talk when you could actually be learning something? Join a book club, sign up for a class, go to a lecture or on a museum tour—whatever you do this month, make it something that broadens your horizons both socially and intellectually.


Sex, death, money, politics, religion—if it’s considered taboo in polite conversation, Scorpio, chances are you’re into it! But that doesn’t mean everyone you meet will be ready (or even interested) to go there. If you’re doing any socializing at this new moon, you may want to add a few lighter, safer topics to your repertoire.


Whether your relationship status is romantic, platonic, or “it’s complicated,” it’s truly a meeting of the minds, Sagittarius. But if you’ve been together a long time, it’s easy to think you’ve got the other person all figured out. Not so, says this new moon! Try approaching an old friend or longtime love with a new attitude of curiosity.


“Team player” may not be the first words your coworkers would use to describe you, Capricorn. And sure, it can be frustrating to wait for their input when you know you’d get the job done faster (and possibly better) on your own. But what fun would that be? At this new moon, try a new on-the-job approach: focus less on productivity, and more on enjoying the process.


Sometimes even a wild card like you runs out of ideas for having fun, Aquarius. If you’re worried about losing your edge, have no fear—this new moon is here with fresh inspiration from a free-spirited friend. Follow their lead and see where it takes you. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, you’ll have some crazy stories to tell afterward!


With so much shared history between you and your family,  Pisces, it’s easy for your perceptions of them to get stuck in the past. But life goes on—and like everyone else’s, your family members’ lives are constantly changing and evolving. This new moon breathes fresh air into the old dynamics and challenges you to adapt to the new normal.


Speak first, think later. Aries, that’s your communication M.O! And during this ultra-chatty new moon, the likelihood of shooting your mouth off is even greater than usual. For best results, try to keep your conversations light, friendly, and focused on common ground. Be ready to change the subject to something more agreeable, should arguments arise.


Is all this talk about “versatility” and “adaptability” making you nervous, Taurus? Yeah, we thought so. But don’t worry… you’ve got this! Look at this new moon as a chance to prove to yourself how resourceful you really are. You’ve already got the know-how; all you need now is the willingness to make it work.