This Tarot Card Urges You to Look Within

February 21, 2019

In this series, Jamie Richardson of Ember + Aura Tarot explains how to embrace the message of each major arcana card. 

The High Priestess is the gatekeeper between our inner and outer realms. She is the guardian of our deepest wisdom and intuition. When the High Priestess shows up, it’s time to slow down and turn within. Her language is symbolic; her methods mysterious; her pathways shadowy. She often emerges after we have lost the girlishness and naivety of our youth when we’ve tired of social interactions and are beginning to explore our own depths.

The High Priestess loves nothing more than when we set aside our own agendas and rulebooks and simply listen to the silence of our evolving hearts—when we feel our way in the dark with no idea where we are going. She teaches us to develop and trust our second sight, the sacred gift of the Divine Feminine. Traditionally seated between two pillars representing interior and exterior worlds, the High Priestess patiently waits to offer her guidance to those who approach her.

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Our intuition starts out strong in life. As children, we naturally follow our bliss and are able to blend aspects of work and play. Children rarely overanalyze and are able to easily listen to their hearts, and their subconscious and conscious minds are seamless and easy to bridge. In our society, however, it isn’t too long before children begin to realize that they are expected to succeed, compete, and achieve. The dark, mysterious, self-knowing aspects of the subconscious are cast aside and replaced with what we can see and judge in the full light of day. We begin to compare ourselves to others, trust only what gives us proven results, and work towards goals that bring us a sense of accomplishment. We stop climbing trees, trying to hear the thoughts of animals, chasing our imaginary friends, and finger-painting scenes that only we understand. We begin playing organized sports, earning gold stars, posting selfies, and planning out our futures.

When we abandon our trust of the unknown, when we stop turning within, our High Priestess goes deep underground.

Often, the High Priestess resurfaces when one has endured a particular tragedy or suffered a great loss. At these times, when the solid ground of our egos has crumbled, we are in a perfect position to take on deeper learning. We are ready to put our trust into that which we cannot see or measure. We are looking for a connection to our own Source and innate knowledge. Survivors of tragedy have profound potential for higher spiritual evolvement. The High Priestess, although dark and mysterious, has compassion for her followers and shows them only what they are ready to experience.

So what is the Tarot card trying to tell you? The truth is, this is an invitation. The High Priestess is confirming that you hold all of the answers to life’s questions in the hidden spaces of your own heart. Furthermore, the capacity to which you can open your heart and suspend your own need for visible signs is the degree to which you will experience a transformation of the mind. You will know you are on track when you begin to notice synchronicities between your inner exploration and your reality: a book suddenly appears about the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, an acquaintance invites you to a local full moon circle, or you receive an email about becoming attuned in Reiki. Your dreams may become more vivid and characters may appear, offering insight and clues about your existence. These are all strong examples of the language of the High Priestess.

When the High Priestess calls, it’s time to pay attention. Accept her invitation to walk between the seen and unseen worlds. Don’t be afraid to jump down the rabbit hole and explore what this vast inner-dimension holds for you, with its delicious darkness and ancient mysteries. Her greatest gift to you will be the unveiling of what you had all along: the ability to face the dark and bring your own truth into the light.

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