This Tarot Card is All About Balance

August 4, 2019

In this series, Jamie Richardson of Ember + Aura Tarot explains how to embrace the message of each major arcana card. 

When the Justice card appears in a reading, we are being reminded of our natural connection to the planet and Her people. Having reached a new level of spiritual maturity, we are now being called to turn our vision outward. New realizations begin to surface in our conscious mind:  How do our decisions affect not only ourselves but those around us? What have we been blind to while we stay safe in our comfort zones? How has our tendency to say “yes” to everyone who needs us actually cost us more than we could spare? Justice is an awakening; Justice restores balance.

With this level of experience comes the dissolution of the ego. We begin to see life from a much broader perspective. Quite simply, it isn’t just about us anymore. The tendency to put ourselves in the center of our own universe begins to fade, and we find ourselves looking for ways to create significant change in the world. While we are in the embryonic phase of personal evolution, rest and stillness are essential. However, once we have achieved a solid foundation and clear sense of self, once we have an understanding of what our life’s purpose is, it’s time to bring our gifts out into the world. The Justice card shows up to call us out, to tell us it’s time, to let us know that it’s up to us to defend the weak, the silenced, the repressed, and the forgotten.

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Justice demands that we be truthful with ourselves and aware of our own position in the grand scheme of things. When this card arrives, it is a wake-up call and requires that we take a hard look at our previous actions and their consequences. This brand of self-honesty has a way of reflecting all of the lessons in our lives back in our faces. We can begin to see how our every act yields an inescapable outcome. In the past, how have we considered the power of our words, behavior, and beliefs, whether in regard to others or ourselves?

When the Justice card is reversed, we must be aware of having a narrow point of view or short-sightedness. This is a sign that we are not recognizing the bigger picture and our connectedness with others. Any self-centered habits and conduct will likely come back to haunt us. Likewise, take care to not engage in self-sabotage. Being fair to oneself is just as important as practicing fairness with others.

To draw the power of the Justice card into your current situation, begin by setting an intention to hold yourself accountable for your every action in this life. Ask to be shown the interactions, relationships, and patterns that are mirroring your own behaviors and deeply-held beliefs. Say a prayer of gratitude for each step of the way that has led you to become your highest, strongest self. Now, ask to be shown who or what is most in need of your special gifts, your voice, and your support.

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Justice restores harmony and balance where there was once conflict and unfairness. It is a card of healing and hope, but also one of karma and consequence. As our worldview becomes more holistic and inclusive, we are doing our part to uphold Justice. When we begin to think in terms of what benefits me and society and the Earth, when we begin to visualize the concentric circles radiating from our lives, we also begin to act and speak more consciously. After we fully absorb the energy and message of the Justice card, we create alignment within ourselves and with others, and that is how we bring significant change to the planet.