This Tarot Card Reminds Us of Life's Cycles

July 4, 2019

In this series, Jamie Richardson of Ember + Aura Tarot explains how to embrace the message of each major arcana card. 

What goes around, comes around—and goes around again. This is the lesson that The Wheel of Fortune card brings. Often, we assume that time is linear and that we are constantly fighting an uphill battle as we inch towards our goals. With a shift in perspective, however, we can learn to view life as an endless cyclical motion. This is evidenced in the changing seasons, the moon phases, and the ocean tides. The Wheel of Fortune card reminds us that our hard work will yield a harvest, that our actions will pay off, and that we reap what we sow.

When The Wheel of Fortune card presents itself upright in a reading, it’s definitely a good omen. Brighter and better times are coming our way. Whether she works in a predictable or unexpected way, karma always appears when the time is right, and this major arcana illustrates her arrival. The turning of the wheel reminds us to tap into our own sense of optimism and patiently await the good things coming our way.

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Where we often fail to hear the message of this card is in the way we forget our relationship with the planet and the cosmos. Mother Earth continually mirrors the cycles of our own lives with her own seasons. For ages, humankind has used the Earth’s rhythms to plan optimal times of planting, harvesting, traveling, procreating, and resting. However, we have become emotionally disconnected from her nuanced language and signs and have thus lost our ability to depend on her ageless wisdom. What a loss this has been to modern humanity and the way we navigate our lives.

When The Wheel of Fortune card shows up in a reading, take heart in the message that the universe truly supports you because you are in partnership together. This partnership is based less on an emotional bond, and more on an instinctual, collaborative one. You have a natural relationship with the Earth by virtue of being human, and your every action creates a ripple effect through all living things around you. Because you recognize and honor this relationship, you use your free will responsibly. Wisely you have chosen to work towards what you want and need in a patient, diligent way and have given the universe the space it needs to do its part to bring your dreams to life.

Conversely, when The Wheel of Fortune card appears reversed in a reading, you are feeling down on your luck and are, perhaps, stuck in a negative pattern. Occasionally, this reversed card is a sign of a natural downward turn in your path, but it need not be taken too seriously. In fact, you may avoid said downturn by opening yourself up and asking for guidance to help you avoid any temporary misfortune. Ask yourself if you can resolve any conflicts in your outer relationships or tie up any loose ends you’ve been avoiding.

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To bring The Wheel of Fortune card into your life, there is no better way than drawing down the energy of the moon. With its never-ending waxing and waning, this celestial friend of ours is a constant guide in helping us learn to both manifest and to let go. As we chart the moon’s progress, we set intentions and act according to our desires and dreams. As she reaches her fullness, we take note of all we have achieved and then release what no longer serves us—clutter in our home, toxic relationships, our dependency on too much technology, etc.

When we begin to walk through our lives on a spiral path, rather than a linear one, we take almost everything less seriously. The Wheel of Fortune card embodies this practice of non-attachment—we recognize and celebrate times of harmony and abundance, then we let them pass. Likewise, we observe and grieve times of disappointment and loss, then we let them pass. Neither of situations is permanent, as all things in life are impermanent. Rather, everything is energy and opportunity. The Wheel of Fortune spins along on her axis, endlessly supporting us in a state of beautiful co-creation.