That Planetary Push and Pull: Can You Feel it?

October 16, 2017

Today, we are feeling the power of opposites.

The sun in Libra spent yesterday opposite Uranus in Aries. Libra and Aries are on opposite axis of the Zodiac, with Aries as the first house of the self and Libra as the seventh house of relationships.

In addition, Uranus is the planet of change and instability leading to revolution, while Libra is the sign of harmony and balance. Uranus enjoys unpredictability, as does Aries, even just for the sake of the excitement, while Libra will do anything to avoid disruption and tension.

It is a case of two extreme ends of a spectrum coming together.

Since we are caught in the middle, perhaps being pulled one way or the other– or both – we need a plant ally who will calm us down while at the same time allow room for change and growth through healing.

This gentle reading can help you achieve greater harmony.

Lavender’s soothing benefits have long been known, both for overworked emotions and for the body. We use lavender-scented products to help us relax and sleep, oftne finding it in aromatherapy oils in addition to lotions and herbal teas. It has a sedative, calming effect that also provides stability in unstable times, even helping to lift depression.

Using lavender directly on the skin can help to heal bites, acne, and wounds, as well as reduce the scars from these.

Lavender oil works great with massage to address tension headaches or inflammation.

The origin of the name is lavare, ‘to wash’, in Latin, telling us we can use it to cleanse our stresses and worries, as well as pointing to the antiseptic nature of the oil. When we are relaxed and at ease, we are more able to tap into all of our personal resources and confront any stresses coming our way.

Change is a natural side effect of positive growth, so using plant allies like lavender helps us to withstand any disruption with grace.

Lavender essential oil should be a staple in everyone’s home. Get your’s today!